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Worried about the Chinese New Year weight gain? Eat these for a guilt-free meal!

Chinese New Year is an enjoyable occasion for us all – reunion with family, friends and of course, the scrumptious meals and irresistible snacks!

Before you dig in, you might want to look out and watch the amount of greasy food you’ll be eating. While many of the festive dishes are high in fats, it might also lead to indigestion.

But not to worry, there are plenty of delicious foods that you can indulge in that are good for your health and will help to curb the greasiness. Read on to find out more about these superfoods that grant you a guilt-free meal!


 1. Sweet potatoes
The fiber contained in sweet potatoes is soft and easy to digest, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help with defecation. You can eat it by roasting sweet potatoes at home, or you can prepare a bowl of sweet potato porridge after a meal to speed up gastrointestinal digestion.


2. Chinese yam
Chinese yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase, and other substances, which can break down protein and sugar. This is beneficial to the absorption and digestion of the spleen and stomach. It can also increase immune function and reduce subcutaneous fat deposits, which lowers obesity rates. During the Spring Festival, it’s the perfect time to make red date Chinese yam soup at home! Chinese yam can invigorate the spleen and stomach, and red dates can invigorate blood and qi, helping to detoxify the stomach and beautify the skin.


3. Lotus root
Lotus root has a diuretic effect which promotes the excretion of waste from the body, thereby purifying the blood. When braising pork ribs soup, you can add lotus root to the soup to bring out the flavours as well. Not only will the soup taste delicious, it will also reduce oiliness!

4. White fungus
White fungus is rich in dietary fiber, which can strengthen gastrointestinal motility and reduce fat absorption. After having a heavy meal, cleanse your palate by drinking a bowl of moist sweet potato and white fungus soup. This will help to reduce the greasy feeling in the stomach.


5. Barley
Barley has a great number of benefits. It can promote blood circulation and water metabolism in the body, exert a diuretic and swelling effect, and help improve edema-type obesity. When cooking barley porridge, adding some red dates and black rice will improve the body’s digestion.


6. Honey
Honey is a common food that has moisturizing and laxative effects on the body. It can help the gastrointestinal tract excrete harmful substances. This regimen method is suitable for all ages.


7. Black fungus
Black fungus greatly helps in clearing the stomach and intestines, which allows for easier excretion of impurities that remain in the human digestive system. Here’s a tip – eating the fungus cold will not only be refreshing but also helps combat greasiness in the body!


8. Kelp
Kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which can remove cholesterol attached to blood vessel walls and keep cholesterol levels healthy. The high water content of algin in kelp forms a gelatinous substance in the intestine, which helps to clear the waste.


9. Peanut 
Peanut enters the spleen meridian, which has the effect of nourishing the stomach and rejuvenating the spleen, smoothing the intestines, and moisturizing dryness. Moreover, its unique phytic acid, plant sterols, and other special substances will also increase the toughness of the intestinal tract, making the intestinal tract’s ability to resist external intrusions continuously enhanced. Eating peanuts soaked in vinegar will also soften your blood vessels for greater circulation.