What do the colours of cupping marks tell you about your body?


Oct 2020

What do the colours of cupping marks tell you about your body?


Cupping is a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to remove blockages and stimulate the flow of qi. Cupping can be used to treat sore backs, calm swelling, and eliminate “dampness” and toxins, even fatigue. Overall, cupping helps to balance the yin and yang in our body, strengthen our immunity, and treat diseases.

Cupping Marks’ Type and Colour Explained:

source credit Dr. Tamer Shaban

Dark purple-black marks: Lack of blood, heavy stagnation
Purple with small dark spots within the cupping mark: “Cold” Blood stasis, overconsumption of cold food. Wear more clothes in air-conditioned rooms.
Consistent purple spots: Blood stasis due to agitation and hot temperament
Bright red: Yin-deficiency, lack of moisture. Drink more water and consume more vegetables.
Dark red: High blood cholesterol, pathogenic heat (“heat evils”) 

The duration of each cupping session is usually 10-15 mins. If small blisters appear due to prolonged duration of cupping, simply disinfect and bandage to prevent them from bursting. If the blisters are big, use sterilized needles to let the water out and apply gentian violet solution. If you overeat, are too fatigued or too thirsty, please do not undergo cupping. Body parts that have sensitive skin, ulcers, edema, and large vessels are not suitable for cupping.



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