What causes pharyngitis?


Mar 2020

What causes pharyngitis?

Is dry, sore, tickle throat, foreign sensation of pharynx to be afflicted with pharyngitis which is caused by hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency?

In TCM ascept, pharyngitis which is caused by hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency, its will often feel dry, sore, tickle throat, foreign sensation of pharynx, as if phlegms stay in the throat. Accompanying symptoms could be afternoon hot flashes, night sweats, hot extremities, morning nausea, retching when brushing your teeth, thirsty, irritability, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, rapid pulse and other symptoms. It is similar to chronic pharyngitis from Western Medicine.


This is a common otolaryngology disease, which dominantly happens in adults. The reason may be haze or dust, smoking, excessive drinking, over-eating spicy, overspeaking. Besides, Yin deficiency in organs causes loss of Yin fluid and lack of body fluid will eventually induce fire hyperactivity then disturb throat through meridian.


So how do we improve the sense of throat discomfort?

1. Boil some Honeysuckle Flower, Forsythia suspensa, Mentha suaveolens(mint), Glycyrrhiza uralensis for gargling. It can reduce the symptoms.


2. Diet, preferably frequency intake fresh pear juice. Pear juice was hailed as a ‘natural甘露饮’  which was recorded in a book called “随息居饮食谱” by Wang Meng who is a famous physician in the Qing Dynasty. Pear is sweet, slightly sour in flavor,  mild cold in nature, and manifests its therapeutic actions in the lung, stomach meridian. Pear nourishes the lungs, eliminates phlegms and clears heat, promotes the production of body fluids.



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