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100% natural and safe technique to efficiently treat body pain without side effects, efficiently relieve bodily discomfort and repair sports injuries.

Facial Acupuncture

Stimulates meridians to restore balance and vigor, giving the skin a healthy glow. Acupuncture is used to increase muscle tone, which leads to skin firming and tightening.

Tui Na Therapy

Tuina massage can be used to alleviate pain and sickness, as well as to keep one's health in check. The therapy helps to lower stress, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality.

Lymphatic Drainage

Blocked Lymphatic Pathways: Cleanse and Stimulate Increase Lymph Flow Volume with a gentle, rhythmic massage that stimulates lymphatic vessels and helps lymph fluid flow freely.


To enhance blood circulation and reduce muscle pains and tension, the best cupping therapy services in Singapore are available.

Osteopathic Bone Adjustment

Allow us to set your mind at ease with our precise diagnosis and tailored osteopathic therapy.


Gua Sha, a type of traditional Chinese therapy based on the TCM idea of meridians, can help with a variety of skin and health issues.


Blood Letting Therapy is an old therapy that is used in conjunction with traditional acupuncture to treat emergency situations such as loss of consciousness, high temperature, and swellings.

Slimming Treatment

Under the guidance of a physician, you can reach your optimum weight and alleviate health problems. It can help you accelerate your metabolism, restrict your appetite, and reset your body.

Eyes & Facial Scraping

With this treatment, black patches will fade and melanin production will be inhibited. Prevent the skin from turning yellow. There were no lasers, intrusive treatments, or light devices used.

Bust Care Treatment

Meridian bust firming care aids to stimulate the bust tissues for better elasticity and firmness by using TCM massage techniques.

Ovary Care/ Post-natal Treatment

Prenatal massage, postnatal massage, breast lactation massage, and other therapies are available to complete your postpartum recovery.

Herbal Medication

Based on the recommendation of a TCM physician, prescriptions are usually made up of a combination of numerous herbs that are best suited to one's bodily constitution.


Moxibustion is a TCM technique in which mugwort, a tiny spongy herb, is burned on specific acupoints on the body to promote healing.


Sin Kang TCM is registered with TCM Practitioners' Board (TCMPB) under MOH and insurance compatible with all insurance as long as you are under coverage for TCM. It will be great if you clarify with your insurance provider on the exact terms and conditions such as any cap or restrictions on your tcm coverage. Our policy for insurance claims is that all patients have to go through consultation and an issued diagnosis/memo is recommended as we can't backdate this document, if necessary.

TCM is based on theories about qi, a vital energy, which is said to flow along channels called meridians and help the body to maintain health. In acupuncture, needles puncture the skin to tap into any of the hundreds of points on the meridians where the flow of qi can be redirected to restore health. Treatments, whether acupuncture or herbal remedies, are also said to work by rebalancing forces known as yin and yang.

After making a booking, our receptionists will be in touch within 48 hours via confirmation email or whatsapp to confirm your appointment. For emergency appointments, kindly call in instead.

Unfortunately, private TCM institutions like Sin Kang TCM are not part of the CHAS scheme and are not applicable for government subsidies at the moment.

Most of the time, both treatments do not conflict. The basis of TCM is in providing a holistic approach to managing problems (eg. pains) and strengthening the body. It is considered natural and holistic because it works with the body’s healing processes. Integrating both TCM and western medicine can usually help improve the efficacy of treatment. Do consult the physician about your condition and gather professional advice from there.

Yes, free feel to request for your preferred physician/therapist when booking your appointment. You can view our physicians and therapists profile from our about us page

Generally, if you're unsure of the exact condition of your body, we recommend you to see and consult a physician to recommend the best solution.

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