Why Us

Sin Kang TCM’s weight management programme is 100% safe and natural, allowing patients to achieve a healthy weight and figure while optimising their overall health and well-being. The underlying principle of our treatment is to improve health and increase basal metabolism and to target fat cells elimination and reduction.

Apart from weight management, Sin Kang also provides a sculpting programme that restores skin firmness to achieve a more ideal physical figure. Herbal patches and oil are used, whereby the penetration of natural ingredients tightens one’s skin surface levels and sculpts the body.

How can our weight management programme help?

For the programme, we will strategically combine the following treatment methods:


  • NO-PAIN Acupuncture™ 
      • Stimulates Qi and blood circulation 
      • Promotes fat metabolism
      • Reduces urge to eat 
      • Reduces body aches and pains 
  • Tui Na massage 
      • Dissipates water retention and fat cells
      • Improves blood and QI circulation 
  • Cupping 
      • Heat treatment from cupping burns and reduces fat cells
      • Eliminates dampness and stagnation 
      • Improves Qi and blood circulation
  • Herbal Medication 
      • Customised according to your constitution for faster and more holistic results


Q: How often do I have to receive a treatment?
A: The specific timeline is as per your medical treatment plan, which you may check with your attending physician/therapist.
Q: How long will it take before I see visible results?
A: Body conditioning takes about 10 to 15 sessions.


Sin Kang TCM 诊所的体重管理疗程是100%安全和天然的,全心协助患者达到健康的体重和体形,同时改善整体健康状况。我们治疗的基本原则就是改善健康状况,增加新陈代谢,消除脂肪细胞。

除体重管理外,Sin Kang还提供塑形服务,让皮肤紧致,以达到更理想的体形。我们只使用天然的草药片和精油。





    • 无痛针灸™ :刺激气血循环,促进脂肪代谢,减少进食的欲望,减少身体酸痛
    • 推拿按摩:消除水分滞留和脂肪细胞,改善血液和气血循环
    • 拔罐:可燃烧并减少脂肪细胞,消除潮湿和停滞,改善气血循环
    • 草药:根据您的体质而定制,以获得更快和更全面的效果



Q: 需要几次的疗程才有显著的效果?
A: 因人而异,通常 10-15 次的疗程。


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