Why Us

One’s external appearance mirrors his or her internal health. Regardless of acne, eyebags, eczema, rashes, allergies, hair loss, etc., our physicians offer an accurate diagnosis of its root causes and assume a holistic approach to help restore imbalances, promote healthy blood circulation, and/or release toxins in the patients’ body to recover from those symptoms.

How can our skin disorder programme help?


Conventional treatments include external creams, pharmaceutical drugs or injectable medications. These medications can lead to side effects and lead to toxin build-up. 

TCM addresses both the root causes and branch symptoms of a condition to restore healthy balance to the body. As every individual has different physical constitutions, please arrange a consultation with us for a detailed diagnosis and corresponding treatment. 

You will receive an individualised treatment plan for your skin: 

Meridian points are stimulated to assist in the restoration of immunity and promoting of healing to bring blood flow to the skin. Acupuncture is especially important for skin conditions that are a consequence of emotional stress and anxiety. 

Certain herbs help to nourish and moisturize skin that is dry, flaky and itchy in conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Some herbs encourage detoxification and reduce inflammation in conditions like acne and rosacea. Chinese herbal medicine can be ingested orally as a tea or pills, applied as external ointment or wash.

Some foods can trigger a reaction in your body, aggravating your skin conditions. It is important to stay away from dairy, alcohol, caffeine etc. 










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