Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage using herbal oil that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which is a fluid that carries waste products away from the tissues and help with waste excretion. With our lymphatic drainage massage along lymph nodes like the armpits, jaw or groin area, it helps to effectively increase the flow of lymph.

As such, it helps the body to

  • detox
  • speed up metabolism
  • increase blood circulation
  • enhance immunity
  • and effectively improve on skin elasticity and gloss

What is a lymphatic massage?


This therapeutic massage is a low-pressure and painless treatment that uses rhythmic strokes.

The lymph system in our body helps to fight infections or viruses. It does so by collecting toxins found in the body and flushing them out via the lymph nodes, while transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells. The lymphatic system requires pressure from the blood vessels and movement from muscles to be pumped around the body. Hence, it is important to drain the lymph system regularly to promote better circulation and regulate our immune system.

Sin Kang TCM Clinic provides one of the best lymphatic massages in Singapore. We ensure that our clients receive safe and painless treatments that are 100% effective.  Book a lymphatic drainage massage session with us today!









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