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Are you fretting over your thinning hair, receding hairline, bald spot expanding…? Hair loss can be devastating and a severe blow to self-esteem. Our TCM practitioners believe that the cause of hair loss is blood deficiency. Healthy spleen and liver will allow luscious hair growth. Blood and qi stagnation means that insufficient nourishment reaches the scalp, which may be caused by poor diet or poor assimilation of nutrients.

How can our hair loss management programme help? 


Our hair loss treatment encompasses our NO-PAIN Acupuncture™ on specific acupoints that helps to:

      • balance hormonal imbalances
      • stimulate the production of iron and essential nutrients
      • stimulate hair follicles, nerves and blood vessels
      • and increase blood flow to the head and scalp region

Chinese herbal medication has also been known to stop hair loss

      • Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach and restoring hormonal balance and the function of the spleen, liver and kidney is important 
      • One herb in particular is known for its ability to treat alopecia areata. He Shou Wu (Polygonium Multiflorum) is included in almost all formulas we write for patients who are losing hair and you often see anti-hair loss or anti-greying shampoo fronting He Shou Wu as its top ingredient


Q: What is the estimated duration for visible results?
A: Acupuncture is not a quick fix. Hair growth results can vary but it begins with correcting the hormonal imbalance that created the hair loss in the first place. It takes about 10 to 15 sessions. The specific timeline is as per your medical treatment plan, which you may check with your attending physician/therapist.


头发茂盛,更显年轻活力。毕竟,一旦头发稀疏,再好看的脸,也会影响颜值。中医讲的“斑秃”,又称为油风,就是我们今天说的脱发。血气虚、肝肾虚是导致脱发的根本。二导致血气虚、肝肾虚的原因,有很多,小到经常熬夜,黑白颠倒,长时间睡眠不足,脏腑、气血得不到补充,大到常年累月身体处于过度消耗状态,亚健康状态,或者生病后身体气血严重不足。中医治疗头发干枯、脱落多从气血入手,治以益气养血,滋补肝肾为主。让 Sin Kang TCM 诊所帮您解决您的问题!







Q: 需要几次的疗程才有显著的效果?
A: 因人而异,通常 10-15 次的疗程。我们必须先调理体内的失衡。

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