Women are subjected to three significant life stages, namely puberty, childbirth, and menopause. During these phases of life, women are vulnerable to various physical and emotional imbalances and it is vital to address these issues to regain and maintain a healthy life.

As such, we provide ovary & postnatal care, and also breast lifting services to help women strengthen their physical and mental health as they pass through these major life stages.

Pregnancy is nature’s gift to all women, but at the same time extracts a heavy toll on the mother, both physically and psychologically. The joy of motherhood is often mired by unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy such as water retention, bloatiness, body aches, cramps, fatigues and mood swings.

Our ovary and postnatal treatment encompass a warming tummy wrap to energize the womb and oil massages that massage specialised acupoints along the meridian channels to

  • clear blockages
  • regulate Qi and blood circulation
  • correct Yin and Yang imbalance
  • bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels
  • improve mood swings
  • reduce blood stasis and lochia
  • reduce wind and water retention
  • alleviate body aches and cramps
  • regain vigour and strength
  • help the uterus to contract and heal
  • and strengthen overall ovary health, immunity, and improve one’s reproductive system functions

Moxibustion may also be incorporated to speed up postpartum recovery through its warming properties that heat up specific acupuncture points on the body to dispel cold and dampness, encourage the flow fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to ovaries, and strengthen the immunity system.

This treatment is not only open to postnatal women, but also to women who just want to improve the function and well-being of their ovaries.

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