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SIN KANG TCM clinic provides TCM fertility treatment plan, ovary & postnatal care, and also breast lifting services to help women strengthen their physical and mental health as they pass through these major life stages. SIN KANG TCM clinic has friendly and experienced physicians and therapists.

How can our women’s health programme help?

Women are subjected to three significant life stages: puberty, childbirth, and menopause. During these phases of life, women are vulnerable to various physical and emotional imbalances and it is vital to address these issues to regain and maintain a healthy life. 

Females need to pay attention when you get gynecological itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, and abnormal bleeding symptoms. Acne, breast pain, cold hands and feet, menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, and hair loss problems are all problems faced by most women.

One of the treatments we provide is lymphatic drainage massage. 

Are you suffering from swelling in part or all of your arms and legs? Lymphatic drainage is a type of rhythmic massage that requires a range of specialised massage movements and gentle pumping techniques. These motions will stimulate the lymphatic vessels, increasing the flow of metabolic waste, excess fluid and bacteria, hence reducing excess water retention.

We also offer bust firming massage.

Breast massages are one of the oldest natural breast enhancement practices. It is not only for pregnant ladies. Other than lifting, our breast massage also has detox properties to flush toxins out of the lymphatic system and allows nutrient-rich blood to flow to the breast tissue. Women occasionally suffer from different pains in their breasts from surgery, pregnancy or milk production. A breast massage will also help to ease soreness in the tissues, reduce and swelling.

Another focus area is fertility issues.

Pregnancy is nature’s gift to all women, but at the same time exerts a heavy toll on the mother, both physically and psychologically.

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of TCM for fertility and how it boosts women’s fertility rates. Treatments like Acupuncture are able to better regulate hormone levels and stimulate ovulation to increase the chances of conceiving. Going on a TCM-recommended diet can also boost fertility rates by promoting a healthier lifestyle – by balancing the Ying (cooling) food, Yang (warming) food and neutral (neither cool nor warm) food.

We are one of the most trusted TCM fertility clinics in Singapore. Book a consultation with one of our professional physicians/ therapists to learn more about our Women’s Health Programme!

Trying to conceive

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi is the vital energy that circulates and nourishes your body with essential nutrients and blood. Qi-blood imbalance is the main cause of fertility problems.

Postpartum Recovery

The joy of motherhood is often mired by unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy such as water retention, bloatiness, body aches, cramps, fatigues and mood swings. Prenatal care treatment and postpartum care treatment play an important role in helping pregnant women in relieving physical pain and emotional tension.

Our pre-pregnancy and postnatal treatment encompasses a warming tummy wrap to energize the womb and oil massages that massage specialised acupoints along the meridian channels to: 

      • clear blockages
      • regulate Qi and blood circulation
      • correct Yin and Yang imbalance
      • bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels
      • improve mood swings
      • reduce blood stasis and lochia
      • reduce wind and water retention
      • alleviate body aches and cramps
      • regain vigour and strength
      • help the uterus to contract and heal
      • Strengthen overall ovary health, immunity, and improve one’s reproductive system functions

Moxibustion may also be incorporated to:

      • Speed up postpartum recovery through its warming properties that heat up specific acupuncture points on the body to dispel cold and dampness, 
      • Encourage the flow of fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to ovaries
      • Strengthen the immune system
      • Optimise the wellbeing of their ovaries (even for non-postnatal women)



Sin Kang 中医诊所能够为您提供生育治疗计划,卵巢和产后护理,以及提乳房服务,并且保持您的身心健康。Sin Kang 中医诊所拥有经验丰富又友善医师和治疗师。










据多处研究证实, 中医对生育的功效以及如何提高女性的生育率是有一定的效率的。针灸等疗法可以更好地调节激素水平并刺激排卵以增加受孕的机会。通过平衡阴(凉爽)食物,阳(温热)食物和中性(不凉也不温)食物,中医食疗也可以提倡更健康的生活方式来提高生育率。








      • 化瘀血生新血​,减轻伤口疼痛
      • 健脾益气,气血营养补充
      • 调理气血,补养肝肾


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