Shoulder and Neck Pain (Cervical spondylosis) Part 01


Jan 2020

Shoulder and Neck Pain (Cervical spondylosis) Part 01

Brief Introduction

Cervical spondylosis is one of the most common diseases in clinical practice, about 60% of patients in TCM clinic suffer from it. Cervical spondylosis including cervical osteoarthritis, cervical nerve root syndrome, proliferative syndrome, cervical intervertebral herniation and etc. Mainly due to long-term cervical strain, trauma, proliferation, disc herniation, thickened ligaments, resulting in cervical spinal cord, nerve root or vertebral artery compression, lead to clinical dysfunction.


The cervical spine is composed of seven vertebrae and eight pairs of cervical nerves. In order to maintain the stability of the neck, the following muscles are related to the neck: sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, scalene, splenius cervicis, splenius capitis, semispinalis, erector spinae, multifidus, levator scapulae and so on.


High Incidence Population


1)  “Phubber”, trends emerging in electronic products like smartphones, induce digital media overuse such as social media addiction or internet addiction disorder, playing video games for more than an hour, causing the neck muscles to be in a high tension. As a result, a series of symptoms of discomfort appeared.


2) Occupational diseases, such as therapists, surgeons, tailors, desk workers, dentists, etc.

3) Elder, bad posture, body degeneration

4) Sport injuries




Physician 中医师




Graduated from the Singapore Institute of Chinese Medicine, Physician Zhang has many years of experience and experience in pain and elderly diseases, as well as a set of self-developed treatment that includes osteopathy and manipulations. Physician Zhang is fluent in both Chinese and English. Not only does it have many local patients, but there are also many patients from overseas.