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Women are subjected to three significant life stages: puberty, childbirth, and menopause. During these phases of life, women are vulnerable to various physical and emotional imbalances. TCM fertility treatments are vital in helping to address these issues to regain and maintain a healthy life.

Females need to pay attention when they get gynecological itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, and abnormal bleeding symptoms. Acne, breast pain, cold hands and feet, menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, and hair loss problems are all problems faced by most women.

SIN KANG TCM clinic provides TCM fertility treatment plan, ovary & postnatal care, and also breast lifting services to help women strengthen their physical and mental health as they pass through these major life stages. SIN KANG TCM clinic has friendly and experienced physicians and therapists.


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Women's Health FAQ

  • ​When it comes to fertility acupuncture, where do the needles go?

    Needles will be placed on the lower belly at times, but they will also be utilized on vital spots on the legs, feet, hands, and arms. Auricular acupuncture points, which are sites on the ear that have a relaxing effect, are also frequently used.

  • How long does it usually take to become pregnant after starting acupuncture?

    Acupuncture takes a few months to help a lady become pregnant naturally, depending on one’s constitution. Natural conception can be accelerated if both the father and the woman undertake lifestyle and dietary modifications. Taking Chinese fertility herbs can help speed up acupuncture treatment.

  • ​How often should I have acupuncture treatments?

    Your acupuncturist will customize treatments to your needs, but 1–3 appointments per week are usually recommended. After the first, each session can run up to an hour, with a 20–40-minute needle sessions followed by a conversation period to keep your acupuncturist up to date.

  • How does TCM improve fertility?

    Some people may be able to conceive naturally without the use of invasive surgeries or hormonal medicines if TCM helps with infertility disorders including lowering inflammation or increasing blood circulation and reproductive organ functions.

  • Does TCM help with PCOS?

    Women with PCOS have claimed that weekly acupuncture sessions at TCM clinics improve ovulation, improve BMI, lower LH, estrogen, and testosterone levels, promote ovulation reaction, and effectively shorten menstrual cycles.

  • Are there Chinese herbs I can consume to improve fertility?

    The herb Tribulus (刺蒺藜), which is also used in Chinese medicine, can help both male and female fertility. Tribulus may aid in the normalization of the cycle and the creation of predictable ovulation in women with irregular ovulation, particularly those with PCOS.

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      Our pre-pregnancy and postnatal treatment encompasses a warming tummy wrap to energize the womb and oil massages that massage specialised acupoints along the meridian channels to clear blockages, regulate Qi and blood circulation, correct Yin and Yang imbalance, bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels, improve mood swings, reduce blood stasis and lochia, reduce wind and water retention, alleviate body aches and cramps, regain vigour and strength, help the uterus to contract and heal, strengthen overall ovary health, immunity, and improve one’s reproductive system functions.

      Moxibustion may also be incorporated to speed up postpartum recovery through its warming properties that heat up specific acupuncture points on the body to dispel cold and dampness, encourage the flow of fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to ovaries, strengthen the immune system, and optimise the wellbeing of their ovaries (even for non-postnatal women)

      Bookings are subjected to availability and confirmation. Our Team will call or email you to confirm the booking by the next business day. We look forward to welcoming you to your Health Renewal Journey!

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