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Sin Kang TCM’s weight management programme is 100% safe and natural, allowing patients to achieve a healthy weight and figure while optimising their overall health and well-being. The underlying principle of our treatment is to improve health and increase basal metabolism and to target fat cells elimination and reduction.

Apart from weight management, Sin Kang also provides a sculpting programme that restores skin firmness to achieve a more ideal physical figure. Herbal patches and oil are used, whereby the penetration of natural ingredients tightens one’s skin surface levels and sculpts the body.


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NO-PAIN acupuncture™

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Herbal Medication

Note: The programme will be customized to your physical condition and may include just one treatment or a mix of more. Usually, acupuncture, cupping and herbal remedies are used.

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    TCM Weight Management Programme FAQ

  • ​Is TCM effective for weight loss?

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps you lose weight in a natural and holistic approach, rather than through crash diets and intense activities. TCM can assist you in losing weight by accelerating your body’s natural metabolism.

  • ​How does TCM improve weight loss?

    “TCM seeks to eliminate moisture in order to efficiently lose weight. People who want to lose weight quickly and burn fats can follow a TCM dampness diet.

    This diet encourages people to eat more bitter and sour foods with a strong scent and flavor, while cutting back on sweet, salty, and high-fat foods. The former set of foods aids in appetite control and digestion, whilst the latter causes you to acquire weight more quickly.”

  • Is it normal to have bruising after acupuncture?

    Acupuncture activates self-healing by stimulating specific areas on the body with small needles that penetrate the skin. Though the needles are exceedingly thin, they occasionally hit small blood vessels, resulting in a mild bruise. These injuries are usually painless. This is normal and the bruise may last several days then disappear entirely. It’s uncommon to bruise, but does occur occasionally, depending on the patient.

    If bruising occurs, apply a thin piece of potato to the bruised area as you would with a cucumber during a facial.

  • What Chinese herb can help you lose weight?

    Ginseng, which is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, has been shown to help with weight loss, slow down fat absorption, and interfere with fat production.

  • Is it true that Chinese tea helps you lose weight?

    Yes, chinese tea includes numerous beneficial components such as caffeine, tea polyphenol, and tea pigment, which can aid digestion and increase metabolism, among other things, to assist the user in losing weight. In comparison to other weight-loss products, it has essentially no negative effects.

  • What organ helps you lose weight?

    The liver plays a critical role in your health, metabolism, and ability to lose weight, burn fat, and detoxify your body.

  • Can dampness lead to weight gain?

    Excess “dampness” in the body is the most prevalent cause of weight gain. When food consumption, digestion,  absorption and transportation are not balanced, “dampness” builds in the body, according to TCM principles.

    It is only when the intake and outflow of food is balanced, then excess “dampness” will stop accumulating.

  • How does Chinese medicine treat obesity?

    TCM mostly employs “heat-releasing” and “dampness-cleaning” medications to prevent and cure obesity-related metabolic illnesses, as well as to enhance glucose and lipid metabolism, as well as to reduce inflammation.

  • Does acupuncture help stretch marks?

    While striae are difficult to entirely eliminate, acupuncture can assist to decrease the appearance of stretch marks by promoting fresh skin regeneration. When paired with topical healing oils and systemic nutraceutical nutrition, the benefits can be much more dramatic.

  • How can acupuncture help with weight loss?

    Acupuncture can aid weight reduction by controlling hormone production, increasing metabolism, improving digestion, lowering inflammation, suppressing hunger, reducing water retention, and optimizing other biological systems linked to obesity and weight loss.

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