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Are you looking for good TCM tuina in Singapore for your shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain? Sin Kang TCM clinic has a team of experienced therapists and registered physicians who will provide patients with comprehensive and careful treatment to solve the pain. We have more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of pain and combine the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the anatomy knowledge of modern medicine, which helps to regulate the physiological functions within your body and identify underlying health issues.

What can tuina help with? 

Are you suffering from stress, tiredness, tension, insomnia or concentration-related problems? “Tui” means “to push” and “Na” means “to lift and squeeze.” Tuina is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy with dynamic acupressure techniques that is highly effective in removing Qi blockages like poor blood circulation, tension, toxins and illnesses in the body. It is suitable for people of all ages including elderly and infants. Tuina can also be combined with other treatments such as acupuncture and moxibustion or Chinese medicine herbal powder to help you get better treatment results and quality of life. Look no further for the best tui na massage in Singapore!

Paediatric tuina is a traditional Chinese massage that is specially catered to young children to promote health and boost their immune systems. Our trained therapists use non-invasive techniques to ensure that the procedure is safe and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Paediatric Tuina can help children build immunity against flu, cough, stomach aches, and diarrhoea. It could also help to battle conditions like Sinusitis, Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), short-sightedness etc.

Tui na helps to: 

      • relax muscles
      • relieve muscle spasm
      • restore misplaced muscles to their original locations
      • promote Qi and blood circulation
      • release tight muscle knots

Common illnesses tui na can treat:

      • Chronic fatigue
      • Headache, migraine
      • Shoulder and neck pain, upper and lower back pain and knee pain
      • Frozen shoulder 
      • Acute sprain or strain



Q: How long does a tcm tuina session usually last?
A: Each tui na session normally lasts for about 60 minutes, with about 30 to 40 minutes dedicated to the neck, back, and shoulders. The remaining time will be used to massage the limbs and head to ensure a well-balanced massage therapy session.

Q: Does tuina have any side effects?
A: After tui na treatment session, it is normal to experience soreness, swelling, and skin redness. These symptoms will slowly dissipate over the next few days.

Q: Do I have to come back for follow-ups?
A: You are recommended to follow up with the treatment at least once every week to prevent relapse so that we can treat the illnesses for long-lasting relief and better overall health.

Q: Can I do Tuina when I have sprains?
A: Yes, you can do a Tuina treatment for sprains. Tuina can help to relieve muscle sprains or strains, by enhancing the blood circulation of the affected area. We recommend you to seek a formal diagnosis from our physicians before starting any Tuina treatment.


Sin Kang TCM 诊所有经验丰富的推拿师和中医师,精心为病人提供服务,给予完善的治疗。我们拥有二十多年的丰富经验,擅长疼痛管理。我们融合了传统中医和现代医学知识,给您调理身体和除掉隐患的病根。






      • 放松肌肉
      • 缓解肌肉痉挛
      • 调回跑位的肌肉
      • 气血通顺
      • 松懈紧绷的神经


      • 慢性疲劳症
      • 痛疼,偏头痛
      • 肩膀痛,颈项痛,背痛,膝盖痛
      • 肩周炎
      • 扭伤拉伤


Q: 一次推拿疗程通常多久?
A: 每次推拿都大概60分钟,30-40分钟推拿颈项,背部和肩膀。其余的时间会按摩四肢和头部达到全方位治疗。

Q: 推拿有什么副作用吗
A: 推拿后,酸痛,肿胀和皮肤发红都是正常的情况,一般几天后便会自行消失。

Q: 推拿后需要复诊吗?
A: 我们建议您每个礼拜来复诊一次,避免病情复发,达到长久的疗效。

Q: 扭伤可以推拿吗?
A: 扭伤是可以推拿的。推拿能促进血液循环。我们建议您求诊,让我们的中医师更好的为您诊断分析。

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