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Are you looking for a Chinese osteopath in Singapore? Sin Kang TCM clinic combines the meridian system in TCM theory, modern anatomy and biochemical principles to bring you the best osteopath services in Singapore.

The biggest problem for most of the office workers nowadays is that they have neck and shoulder stiffness and soreness, which is caused by maintaining the same posture for a long time. Our physicians and therapists are highly skilled osteopaths in Singapore and are proficient in osteopathic bone adjustment, which is non-invasive and drug-free. It promotes one’s well being by ensuring their bones, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue function smoothly together.


What can Osteopathy help with? 


The muscular and nervous system regulates and controls body movement and organ functions respectively. Misalignment of one’s bones and spine can cause pressure on the muscles and nerve root, resulting in body malfunctions, like:

Pain from arthritis, sciatica, tennis and golfer’s elbow, neuralgia are some discomfort we can help with.

Common problems people face are acid reflux, indigestion and spastic colon.

Respiratory conditions due to allergies, asthma and shortness of breath could be relieved with osteopathy. 

Dysmenorrhea, infertility, erectile dysfunction are some common issues causing reproductive problems.

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Q: Will I experience pain during the treatment?
A: There may be slight pain experienced during certain treatment techniques but it is important to tell your therapist if it is too painful or he/she can adapt the technique.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: This is dependent on many factors, including the severity of your conditions and your body’s response to the treatment.












Q: 整骨会痛吗?
A: 您可能会感到轻微的疼痛。如果治疗过程中您觉得不适,请马上告诉您的治疗师。治疗师会立即调整力道和技巧。

Q: 我需要几次的治疗?
A: 因人而异,我们得考虑您的病情的严重性和身体对治疗的反应。



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