Our physicians and therapists are highly skilled in osteopathic bone adjustment, which promotes one’s wellbeing by ensuring their bones, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue function smoothly together.

The muscular and nervous system regulates and controls body movement and organ functions respectively. Misalignment of one’s bones and spine can cause pressure on the muscles and nerve root, resulting in body malfunctions like

  • pain
  • reduced movement
  • degeneration of vertebral joints and discs
  • dysfunctional nervous system (e.g. loss of sensation)
  • respiratory complications (e.g. allergies, asthma and shortness of breath)
  • digestive disturbances (e.g. acid reflux, indigestion, spastic colon)
  • circulatory problems (e.g. cold hands or feet)
  • reproductive problems (e.g. dysmenorrhea, infertility, erectile dysfunction)
  • hormone imbalances
  • and altered body chemistry

Over time, it can also lead to less resistance to diseases and lack of physical and mental vitality.

With the physical manipulation and readjustment of muscles and bones, along with the application of specific amounts of pressure to different regions in the body, osteopathic adjustment results in various benefits. It

  • treats structural and tissue abnormalities
  • relieve joint restriction and misalignment
  • release pressure on nervous system
  • relieve muscle tension to restore muscle and tissue balance
  • and promote the overall movement of Qi and blood flow throughout the body

All these contribute to effective prevention of problems that can arise from misalignment, and promote the natural healing of the body. This treatment is extremely effective for conditions like scoliosis, pelvic misalignment, hip adjustment, etc.

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