Herbal Medication

Why Us


Sin Kang TCM Clinic’s herbal medicine is imported from Taiwan and made from the best quality herbs. Our medicine comes in powder form, which are the most concentrated form of herbal extracts from Chinese medicinal herbs and plants. Cooking is not required and can be easily consumed.


What can Herbal Medicine help with? 


Our treatment services are paired with herbal medicines to promote the healing of the body. Our prescriptions are customised, formulated and prescribed according to each patient’s illness, symptoms and needs. A typical medicine prescription comprises 10-15 herbs.

Chinese herbs are divided into 4 main types according to their properties: hot, warm, cool, cold. Herbs of warm/hot nature can be used to treat illnesses caused by cool/cold factors.

Chinese herbs are useful in rehabilitating from many chronic diseases. For chronic conditions, Chinese medicine is usually taken daily for several months. The course for treating acute conditions varies from days to weeks.




Q: Can physicians diagnose the condition(s) via the pulse?

A: Yes, physicians are able to diagnose the condition via the pulse. By using 3 fingers for pulse-taking, each finger’s position corresponds to a specific organ and this helps the physicians to identify the condition(s).


Q: How can TCM help boost the immune system?

A: Through herbal medication (and complemented with acupuncture), TCM can improve the immune system by regulating energetic imbalances and blood circulation.


Q: Do I have to come back for follow-ups? 

A: You are recommended to follow up with the treatment at least once every week to prevent relapse so that we can treat the illnesses for long-lasting relief and better overall health.


Q: What should I do if I feel unwell after taking the medication?

A: If you feel unwell after taking any medication, stop the medication and consult your physician/therapist immediately.




Sin Kang TCM Clinic 的中药由台湾进口的上等中药。我们的中药都是药粉状,草药精华,不需要慢煮,方便服用。




我们的中药都是为您量身定制,根据您的病症,需要和个人体质对症下药。一个配方通常含有10-15 个草药。





Q: 中医师真的能把脉诊断?

A: 脉诊的方法有很多种,最常用的是 “寸口脉法”。这种方法是单独按桡骨茎突内侧一段桡动脉的搏动,根据脉动,以推测人体生理、病理状况的诊察方法。


Q: 中药能增强免疫力吗?

A: 推拿后,酸痛,肿胀和皮肤发红都是正常的情况,一般几天后便会自行消失。


Q: 推拿后需要复诊吗?

A: 经过中药适当的调理,和针灸双管齐下,促进血液循环。


Q: 中药吃了不舒服怎么办?

A: 请马上停止服药,和您的医师商量并作出相应的调整。





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