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You should only allow experienced and professional TCM physicians to administer this treatment for instant and effective outcomes.

What can fire cupping help with?



Our Five Elements fire cupping is built on traditional fire cupping. We make the best use of the theory of contradictory and complementary forces by redirecting the forces and synthesizing with modern science to create a transformative fire cupping treatment. 

Five elements fire cupping aids in: 

  • Remove dampness and cold in the body by expelling it through your skin
  • Detoxify and re-energizes you 
  • Rebalances and reconditions vital internal organs 
  • Relieve long-term pain with sustained treatment








  • 将身体里的湿气寒气,通过皮肤渗透出来,排除邪气,让人精神百倍
  • 通过外接的吸力刺激身体表面的穴位,进而通过筋骨经络,使得人体器官得到相应的调理,气血通顺,强身健体
  • 帮助人体局部组织损伤,腰间盘突出等症状,减轻疼痛,缓解症状


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