Slimming Treatment

Slimming Treatment

The principle of acupuncture to lose weight is to accelerate the basal metabolism, to stimulate the meridian points to adjust the endocrine, so as to promote fats metabolism, increase heat production, and hence accumulation of the body fats consumption.

At present, there’s many ways to lose weight. The traditional method is to lose weight by diet or medication. But these methods are not conducive to health and already obsolete. Only acupuncture treatment combined with a certain point massage techniques to adjust the internal organs, accelerate the basal metabolism, reducing visceral fats and achieve weight loss results. Acupuncture Is the most effective and healthy way to lose weight, acupuncture treatment for obesity is especially effective, and simple obesity can quickly lose excess fats, tighten the skin without affecting the health.

Acupuncture weight loss is also suitable for those long-term invalid weight loss, people using medication but seem ineffective.


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