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Sin Kang TCM’s slimming treatment is 100% safe and natural, allowing patients to achieve a healthy weight and figure while optimising their overall health and well-being. The underlying principle of our treatment is to improve health and increase base metabolism and to target fat cells elimination and reduction.

Slimming Treatment FAQ

Slimming Treatment FAQ

  • ​How many acupuncture sessions are required for weight loss?

    Acupuncture is an efficient therapy for weight loss, but it requires perseverance on the part of the individual. To attain the desired results, at least two to three sessions per week are required. Acupuncture should be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

  • ​What Chinese herbs help to lose weight?
  • What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Weight Loss?

    Acupuncture can aid weight reduction by controlling hormone production, increasing metabolism, improving digestion, lowering inflammation, suppressing hunger, reducing water retention, and optimizing other biological systems linked to obesity and weight loss.

  • ​Is it possible for Tuina to lose weight?

    Tui Na massage is best for localized slimming in TCM. Though it can be used alone, it is most successful when combined with other therapy methods like acupuncture and cupping.

  • ​Is TCM a good way to lose weight?

    Acupuncture slimming produces apparent results with few side effects. It aids in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. It lowers hunger, lowering the quantity of energy we consume. At the same time, acupuncture has a metabolic stimulant effect.


    SIN KANG TCM clinic offers TCM based slimming treatment in Singapore at a reasonable price.

    Come delight your senses with our slimming treatment, book an appointment today!

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