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Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, the frozen shoulder is also known as the “50 year old shoulder” as many patients tend to develop symptoms of this ailment in their middle age, around 50 years of age. However, it is possible to experience frozen shoulder at a young age too due to one’s lifestyle, work habits, and exercise habits. Deficiency of Qi due to stress and overworking may also affect blood flow in the shoulder region.

Frozen shoulder symptoms include pain or stiffness in the shoulder joint and limited range of movement. As the condition worsens, the level of pain may increase or become a persistent and chronic pain. Frozen shoulder pain usually flares up when the shoulder joint is used and can affect daily activities, such as reaching for items on a shelf. The pain can also occur at night, disrupting regular sleep cycles and habits.

TCM pain relief treatment for frozen shoulder varies as it depends on the individual causes and factors leading to the condition. Our physicians here at Sin Kang TCM have over 20 years of experience, and are able to diagnose and recommend relevant treatments to meet your pain relief needs. Acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and other remedies may be combined for a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

TCM Acupuncuture for shoulder pain

Our signature painless acupuncture treatment restores normal blood flow by stimulating blood circulation in the body, releasing ‘pain killer’ hormones to clear Qi blockages and provide frozen shoulder pain relief.

Tui Na for for shoulder pain relief

Tui Na uses acupressure techniques and TCM principles to loosen up and remove Qi blockages in your shoulder. This encourages proper Qi and blood flow to provide pain relief for frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder cupping treatment

Cupping can stimulate blood flow and restore Qi flow in a targeted part of the body, making it a suitable pain relief treatment for frozen shoulder caused by long-term injuries or prolonged exposure to coldness.

TCM Moxibustion for shoulder pain

During moxibustion treatments, “moxa” (made from mugwort or wormwood) is burnt to warm the meridians in the body. This stimulates stagnated Qi flow and rids the body of excess cold and dampness, providing pain relief for frozen shoulder caused by these factors.