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Neck pain can be caused by many factors such as injury or overexertion during active exercise. However for many of us in Singapore, it is most often caused by poor posture, sleeping positions, or just plain stress.

Remaining seated at your computer or office desk for the whole day can cause weakened or stagnant blood flow in your neck, shoulder, and back. Sleeping in the wrong position or accumulation of stress can both contribute to the same effect. This can result in neck pain that may even persist over time and turn into a chronic condition if treatment is not sought out.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for neck pain including Tui Na massage, Acupuncture, and Cupping. Here at Sin Kang TCM, we personalise each treatment session to ensure that your specific pain relief needs are met. Our physicians have over 20 years of TCM experience and are well-equipped to provide you with the most effective treatment possible. Book an appointment with us today and take the first step to a pain-free life.

What Causes Stiff Neck and Neck Pain?

Identifying the leading causes of neck pain and stiff neck symptoms is crucial before getting the right treatment for neck pain relief. Determining the specific cause of neck pain enables your therapist to identify which type of treatment is best suited for your condition. Some of the most common causes include:

1. Poor Posture

Poor posture can cause neck pain because it puts too much weight on the cervical spine. Poor posture can also put strain on the neck muscles and ligaments, building pressure on your head and neck muscles, which can then lead to pain. Improper postural habits such as working on your laptop while sitting on your bed, for example, is one of the most common postural behaviours that can contribute to neck pain and aches.

A person’s age is one of the factors leading to bad posture. People with old age are prone to poor posture as their muscles are not as strong as before. Slouching has also become a habit that most aged people have developed over the years.

2. Improper Sleeping Positions

Improper sleeping posture often brought about by stomach sleeping can lead to neck stiffness or sprained neck. When you lie on your stomach, your neck won’t be in an optimal position. Doing this habitually and for extended periods of time can cause the neck to twist and get misaligned from the spine.

Lack of proper support when you're sleeping is also a cause of neck aches. Sleeping on a mattress that does not offer sufficient support can lead to the misalignment of the spine. If your pillow is too fluffy or too high, it can also result in neck stiffness.

3. Repetitive Motions and Overuse

Repetitive motions such as carrying heavy objects or repeated head movements can cause neck pain. Athletes often experience neck muscle strain due to the overuse of their muscles when partaking in strenuous activities.

4. Stress

Stress may not be a direct cause of neck pain, but it can bring out any underlying neck muscle pain you are experiencing. This is because when you’re under stress, it causes neck muscle strain and tightening, leading to chronic neck pain. Tensions that build in the neck because of stress can lead to headaches and joint pain too.

5. Other Health-Related Conditions

Neck pain can also be experienced due to other underlying health-related conditions. Some may experience neck pain because of a past injury. A cervical herniated disc or ruptured disc is also a cause of neck pain. This health condition occurs when one of the discs in the spines C5 to C7 areas prolapses. Nerves are compressed because of a ruptured disc causing neck ache.

Spondylolisthesis is another condition that can bring about neck pain. It’s a health condition where one of the vertebrae (spinal bones) slides forward on top of the bone that can press on the spinal cord's nerves. Although it usually happens in the lower back, it can also occur in the neck area, often causing chronic neck pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?

Some of the most common symptoms of neck pain are soreness and stiffness. You may also feel a sharp or stabbing pain in a localised area of your neck. Experiencing aches in your neck, shoulders, and arms is also another symptom of neck muscle pain. Headaches, numbness, and difficulty in lifting or gripping objects are also common neck muscle strain symptoms as pain from pulled neck muscles can radiate to other areas such as the head, arms, and shoulders.

Why Should You Try TCM as a Non-surgical Treatment for Neck Pain?

TCM neck pain treatments in Singapore include but are not limited to cupping, Tui Na neck massage, and acupuncture. These types of pain management programmes are non-surgical and minimally invasive methods you can try to help you find relief from constant neck aches and neck muscle strains.

Each TCM treatment has its method of addressing neck pain but all of them can target points and areas in the body that are critical to promoting adequate blood flow and circulation. As a result, these treatments can improve your body’s healing process by bringing in oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the neck area’s surrounding tissue.

How Does Sin Kang TCM Diagnose and Provide Neck Pain Relief?

Sin Kang TCM requires all patients to undergo our registration process before you can consult with our TCM specialists. We will study the complete medical and pain history you’ve provided before we can offer a suitable treament programme.

Assessment of your condition may involve identifying the location where you feel neck pain and what type of movements aggravate the pain you’re feeling. Through an in-depth consultation with us, we can determine exactly where your pain is coming from. Whether it is from facet joints, discs, or the neck’s muscles or ligaments, we can develop a pain management plan to help relieve your neck pain.

Providing neck pain relief involves a combination of our pain management methods:

Tui Na Neck Massage

Tui Na, which translates to “push and pull,” is a traditional Chinese massage therapy that can alleviate neck pain symptoms as well as help maintain your daily overall health. It refers to a variety of TCM bodywork and massages. This treatment uses dynamic acupressure techniques coupled with Chinese medical principles to loosen up and remove Qi blockages at key points in the body.

This type of neck massage can also be used to treat and address areas of the neck with disharmony patterns. Tui Na targets and applies pressure on acupoints using the hands, fists, palms, and fingers instead of needles. Our Tui Na therapists in Singapore can adjust the intensity of each session to suit your pain tolerance level and ensure you are comfortable throughout.

Acupuncture Neck Pain Treatment

Acupuncture is one of the most popular TCM services in Singapore and has a wide range of health benefits. It is a non-invasive TCM treatment that accesses the neck area’s pressure points through a needle. The insertion of a hair-thin needle will hardly cause any perceptible pain or discomfort, but does plenty to aid and signal your body to stimulate your blood circulation and where to direct it to. This stimulation is responsible for the healing and pain relief of your sprained neck or any other neck pain.

Our painless acupuncture treatment helps restore normal blood flow by stimulating blood circulation within the body, releasing natural ‘pain killer’ hormones and enzymes such as endorphins, immunity cells, and neurotransmitters. This clears Qi blockage in the body and provides long-lasting neck pain relief.

Cupping for Neck Pain Relief

Many Singaporeans have embraced cupping for its pain relief and rejuvenation benefits. Cupping treatments involve producing a suction force to aid in stimulating blood circulation to help alleviate neck pain. It uses heated glass or bamboo cups to pull the skin, removing any blockages to blood circulation and stimulates blood flow. This draws the blood into the area where there is neck muscle pain. When blood flow and circulation are stimulated, they can restore Qi flow in affected areas of the body and help stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Aside from relieving neck pain, cupping can also be used for addressing other common ailments including high blood pressure, back pain, or nasal congestion.

Our Neck Pain TCM Specialists/Experts

For the best results from your neck pain therapy, you need a trusted and qualified practitioner to administer the TCM treatments. Sin Kang TCM Clinic has many board-certified and highly-experienced TCM practitioners who specialize in neck pain treatment in Singapore. Our TCM specialists have addressed numerous cases of patients with neck stiffness, neck muscle pain, sprained neck, and other conditions involving neck pain, some even seeing results within just one session!

FAQs about TCM Neck Pain Relief and Treatment in Singapore

What are the Benefits of our TCM Stiff Neck Pain Relief Treatment?

TCM provides holistic neck pain treatment for patients in Singapore experiencing neck aches. Aside from helping with neck pain relief, our cupping, Tui Na, and acupuncture techniques also aid in soothing and relaxing neck muscles and surrounding areas. In addition, our treatments effectively improve your body’s blood flow and circulation, promoting the body’s overall healing.

Should I get TCM treatments for neck pain?

You can try TCM treatments if you want an alternative method to address your neck pain. It’s a great choice if your neck pain symptoms have no apparent causes or if you’ve tried prescribed medicine but didn’t achieve the desired results. We advise you to consult aphysician before trying such treatments if you are elderly, a child, are pregnant or lactating, or have severe medical conditions.

Why choose Sin Kang TCM for neck pain relief?

At Sin Kang TCM, we look at the bigger picture when providing treatment for neck pain relief. Our qualified practitioners and therapists are experienced in providing neck pain treatments through non-invasive methods that are not meant to cause pain, discomfort or any side effects. We offer pain management programmes for our Singaporean clientele that provide sustainable solutions that are effective in addressing chronic neck pain.