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Pregnancy is nature’s gift to all women, but at the same time exerts a heavy toll on the mother, both physically and psychologically.

SIN KANG TCM clinic provides TCM fertility treatment plan, ovary & postnatal care, and also breast lifting services to help women strengthen their physical and mental health as they pass through these major life stages.

Frequently Questions about TCM Postpartum Treatment

Frequently Questions about TCM Postpartum Treatment

  • How can acupuncture and herbs be used to help mommies regain balance?

    The herbs, when combined with sufficient rest and diet, will assist moms in regaining Qi and Blood balance at a rate that is appropriate for their body constitution. Acupuncture can be used to increase circulation while Chinese medicines nourish the interior organs.

  • How can TCM help new mothers?

    TCM’s tailored approach and syndrome differentiation theory are used in postnatal treatment to assist new moms in regaining their health. TCM can help with the following issues after childbirth: chronic bleeding, prolonged lochia, and nocturnal sweats.


    In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine has seeped into all aspects of modern assisted reproductive technology to play a role. For example, TCM assists in regulating menstruation and assisting pregnancy before pregnancy, inducing ovulation, improving endometrial receptivity, and increasing the pregnancy rate. Chinese physicians of all generations have attached great importance to the research on infertility.

    Many studies have shown the effectiveness of TCM for fertility and how it boosts women’s fertility rates. Treatments like Acupuncture are able to better regulate hormone levels and stimulate ovulation to increase the chances of conceiving. Going on a TCM-recommended diet can also boost fertility rates by promoting a healthier lifestyle – by balancing the Ying (cooling) food, Yang (warming) food and neutral (neither cool nor warm) food.

    After giving birth, a mother’s body continues to undergo changes. As the uterus shrinks, some may experience painful contractions. Eating nutritious meals, getting enough sleep, having the support of loved ones and drinking more fluids are some recommendations to help your body heal.

    Changes in hormone levels, body physique and sleeping patterns may affect a woman’s mood after delivery.

    This can develop during the first 6 months after birth, and can last over a year if left untreated.

    Postpartum Recovery
    The joy of motherhood is often mired by unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy such as water retention, bloatiness, body aches, cramps, fatigues and mood swings. Prenatal care treatment and postpartum care treatment play an important role in helping pregnant women in relieving physical pain and emotional tension

    Trying to conceive
    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi is the vital energy that circulates and nourishes your body with essential nutrients and blood. Qi-blood imbalance is the main cause of fertility problems.

    We are one of the most trusted TCM fertility clinics in Singapore. Book a consultation with one of our professional physicians/ therapists to learn more about our Women’s Health Programme!

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