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Are you fretting over your thinning hair, receding hairline, or bald spot expanding? Hair loss can be devastating and a severe blow to self-esteem. Our TCM practitioners believe that the cause of hair loss is blood deficiency. Healthy spleen and liver will allow luscious hair growth. Blood and qi stagnation means that insufficient nourishment reaches the scalp, which may be caused by poor diet or poor assimilation of nutrient.


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Hair Growth Programme FAQ

Hair Growth Programme FAQ

  • Can you really reverse hair loss?

    Whether your hair loss is due to hormones or an autoimmune illness, regrowing your hair with TCM treatments and dietary changes is achievable if you begin early.

  • How does TCM cure hair loss?

    TCM believes that blood deficiency is the primary cause of hair loss. Hair will grow well if the body has enough blood, and the spleen and liver are in charge of the body’s blood supply. Healthy hair growth and shine are aided by a healthy spleen and liver. TCM treatments can help to nourish spleen and liver health to promote hair growth.

  • Can you regrow hair with acupuncture?

    Regular acupuncture can promote the passage of qi and blood to the scalp, which will promote hair growth. Chinese medicines have been used to combat hair loss for hundreds of years. There is one herb in particular that has a reputation for treating alopecia.

  • Does scalp acupuncture have any effect?

    For the treatment of both acute and long-term central nervous system diseases, it has been demonstrated to be the most successful method. With only a few needles, scalp acupuncture frequently has astonishing effects and usually leads in instant recovery. It might sometimes only take a few seconds to a minute.

  • Is acupuncture effective for treating androgenic alopecia?

    Those with androgenetic alopecia who have sparse hair can benefit from acupuncture treatments at the Baihui and Sishencong points on their scalps, which open blocked meridians, enhance blood flow and metabolism around the head, nourish the hair, and encourage hair growth.

  • What acupuncture points are used to promote hair growth?

    Wangu (GB12) Wangu can help with issues like headaches and hair loss.
    (EXTRA 5/M-HN-9) Taiyang Utilizing tai yang to relax the mind and lower stress levels can help stop hair loss.
    Fengchi (GB20) The neck and head’s blood circulation can be enhanced via feng chi.

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