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Facial Gua Sha


Gua Sha (scraping) is an ancient Chinese method for improving the overall condition of one's facial skin. Gua Sha works deeper into the layers beneath the skin than traditional facial treatments, clearing meridian blockages, improving Qi and blood circulation, draining toxins from the body, improving muscle tone, reducing water retention and puffiness, and removing internal heat (re qi).

If you are looking for a facial treatment that will have a jaw-dropping result — without an equally shocking price tag, that’s where the buzzy Gua Sha treatment comes in.

Facial Guasha FAQ

Facial Guasha FAQ

  • ​Is it true that Gua Sha can help you get rid of wrinkles?

    It’s similar to using a foam roller on your face. Gua Sha can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity (making it appear tighter), and make the skin glow.

  • ​Is Facial Gua Sha a hoax?

    Gua Sha is an old Chinese technique for improving blood circulation and energy flow and it really works. The technique can be performed on the entire body and is historically fairly aggressive—the skin is scraped till red with a flat Gua Sha tool. As a proven result of the practice, you will have improved skin. It is not a hoax

  • ​Does Gua Sha help to get rid of a double chin?

    Yes, Gua Sha can help you get rid of your double chin. All you need is a Gua Sha tool to get started. Simply scrape it down your skin to increase circulation and move the sluggish lymph to be cleared away. Our therapists are more than capable enough to help you with that.

  • ​Is it necessary to Gua Sha your face on a regular basis?

    While Gua Sha is recommended once a week, the frequency of use will be determined by your skin type and tolerance to the procedure. “Aim to employ Gua Sha at least two to three times a week as you become more familiar with it and more comfortable with your techniques,” says the author.

  • ​Is Facial Gua Sha effective?

    Gua Sha has been shown to help ease facial tension, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and even lower sinus pressure. However, because the musculature of the face is significantly thinner, you should avoid exerting excessive pressure while working on this area.


    Sin Kang TCM clinic offers Gua Sha scraping treatment in Singapore at a reasonable price. Come delight your senses with our Gua Sha scraping treatment. Book an appointment today!

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