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Best Cupping Therapy in Singapore at Sin Kang TCM Clinic



Sin Kang TCM Clinic therapists are amongst the most well-versed with cupping in Singapore, a treatment method whereby a TCM therapist places heated glass and bamboo cups on meridian points of your body to create suction to pull up the skin to get the blood flowing.

We provide the best cupping in Singapore with our team of highly qualified TCM therapists. Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese approach to improve blood flow in the body. It involves heating the air within a glass cup to create a vacuum and placing the cup along the various meridian channels on the body. The vacuum in the cup creates suction which pulls the skin up gently to stimulate blood flow, promoting healing and restoring balance. The pulling action of the skin from cupping helps to regulate the flow of Qi in the body.

As such, cupping helps to relieve muscle tension and pain, combat acne, obesity, shingles, upper respiratory syndrome, headache, menstrual cramps, gastrointestinal problems, as well as to maintain general wellness.

Cupping FAQ

Cupping FAQ

  • What does the color of the cupping marks mean?

    The coloration can range from brilliant red to a darker purple. In general, a darker cupping coloration indicates that the area of the body that has been treated has a high amount of toxins and stagnation.

  • How much is each session of cupping?

    Each 30-minute session of cupping commands $48.

  • ​Who should not undergo cupping?

    The following groups should be treated with extra caution:

    • Children. Cupping therapy should not be used on children under the age of four.
    • Seniors. As we become older, our skin becomes more brittle.
    • People who are expecting a child. Cupping the abdomen and lower back is not a good idea.
    • Those who are now on their menstrual cycle.
  • ​Is it true that cupping can help with anxiety?

    Cupping may successfully ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety while reducing the stress that usually accompanies these conditions when used as part of a mental health treatment program.

  • ​What does cupping do ?

    Cupping treatment is a type of alternative medicine in which a therapist suctions your skin using specific cups for a few minutes. It’s used for a variety of reasons, including pain relief, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being, as well as as a deep-tissue massage.

  • ​How often should you go for cupping?

    Usually we recommend that patients undergo a second cupping treatment after the pot mark disappears, because the time for the pot mark to disappear varies from person to person. Cupping therapy is usually performed together with acupuncture. As an auxiliary treatment in conjunction with acupuncture, the combination of the two treatments will make the overall treatment effect better.

  • What role does cupping play as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

    Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) procedure for removing stagnation and stimulating qi flow (chi). If the free flow of vital energy in the body and the world around us is disrupted or disturbed, it can result in stagnation (blockages) or imbalances in the body.

  • Q: How long does one session of cupping take?
  • Q: Can I request to do only cupping treatment?

    Yes, you can request to do only a cupping treatment. However, doing Tuina before a cupping treatment helps to relax muscles and enhance blood circulation, making the overall treatment more effective. Nevertheless, you may seek a comprehensive assessment from our physicians before the cupping treatment. Our team will be more than happy to answer any queries during the consultation.

  • How long do cupping marks last?

    Cupping marks usually last a few days, but may take up to 2 weeks to fully fade.

  • Is everybody suited to do cupping?

    Cupping is avoided on sensitive skin, skin with ulcers, swelling, infection, inflammation and wound, regions near the heart and large blood vessels, as well as patients with high fever and convulsions. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.


    Cupping can help to relieve muscle tension and pain, combat acne, obesity, shingles, upper respiratory syndrome, headache, menstrual cramps, gastrointestinal problems, as well as to maintain general wellness.

    At Sin Kang TCM clinic, we ensure that our clients receive safe and painless treatments that are 100% effective. Book a cupping therapy session with us today!

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