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Acupressure massage and the use of machines are used to stimulate breast tissue growth by increasing blood circulation in the breast and chest area. It also helps to firm up saggy and loose breasts and compress lumps caused by Qi stagnation. All of these will result in a firmer, fuller breast, which is especially beneficial for mothers who have stopped breastfeeding.


One of the most popular TCM fertility treatment is the bust firming massage. Breast massages are one of the oldest natural breast enhancement practices. It is not only for pregnant ladies. Other than lifting, our breast massage also has detox properties to flush toxins out of the lymphatic system and allows nutrient-rich blood to flow to the breast tissue. Women occasionally suffer from different pains in their breasts from surgery, pregnancy or milk production. A breast massage will also help to ease soreness in the tissues, reduce and swelling.

Sin Kang TCM Clinic provides one of the best breast enhancement massages in Singapore. We ensure that our clients receive safe and painless treatments that are 100% effective. Book a breast enhancement session with us today!

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Acupuncture can stimulate the breasts with physical acupoints to help them grow up again, resulting in a rapid, healthy, and safe breast augmentation. The utilization of traditional Chinese medical principles is extremely safe, and the therapeutic results are highly visible. One course of therapy might result in a 5-15cm increase in bust size.

Acupuncture can achieve fast, healthy and safe breast enhancement through the stimulation of breast by physical acupoints to make the breasts grow up again.

The procedure can be used to increase breast size, especially for those who have a hormone shortage and have had their breasts develop immaturely since adolescence. Acupuncture points can help active breast cells by stimulating gland growth and increasing the amount of endocrine.

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