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Wet Cupping, Bloodletting or Hijama Cupping drains blood and qi stagnations and flushes out external pathogens that may have invaded the body. Our experienced cuppers help to accurately locate the places of stagnation and draw "bad blood" from them.


The main benefits of bloodletting: - Invigorate the smooth flow of qi and blood, especially when the patient has qi stagnation - Disperse blood stasis, in cases of stubborn joint pain, muscle sprain and localized swelling and numbness - Drain excess toxic heat accumulation, in cases of high fever and extremely sore throat

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Bloodletting FAQ

Bloodletting FAQ

  • How effective is bloodletting / wet cupping?

    As for the effectiveness of the treatment, bloodletting is a niche treatment used in select cases for treating particular symptoms (such as Skin diseases, Sprains, Headache, High Blood Pressure, High Fever, Swelling etc), and is not a treatment for general wellness. As such, we insist on a consultation with our physician beforehand so as to assess suitability of the treatment.

  • How long is a regular bloodletting / wet cupping treatment?

    A 5 minutes bloodletting treatment is considered the optimal duration, as agreed by most experienced practitioners. It is not a case of the longer the treatment, the better. Any prolonged bloodletting might result in excessive blood loss and lead to unwanted health complications.

  • ​What are the conditions that bloodletting is used to treat?

    Bloodletting is used as a treatment for fever, hypertension (high blood pressure), lung inflammation, and pulmonary edema (excess fluid in the lungs).

  • ​What is bloodletting?

    Bloodletting is a specialized practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves the targeted draining of small amounts of blood from certain areas in order to restore equilibrium in the human body. As a result, it’s regularly used to treat inflammation-related symptoms like a sore throat.

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