Huang Lian Gao Golden Cream – For Inflammation & Dry Skin

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Huang Lian Gao, Soothing Eczema Ointment

Should dry, red or itchy eczema prone skin strike, reach for our powerfully soothing eczema ointment, Huang Lian Gao
100% natural, this expert blend is infused with calming, replenishing and skin-strengthening Huang Lian, Qing Dai and organic Beeswax.

An extremely versatile ointment, Huang Lian Ointment Cream is used on face, body, hands and feet. for treating enzema, minor wounds, burns, and grazes. It is also known to relieve swelling.

Remarkably calming and replenishing, this versatile targeted ointmentcan also help soothe dry, sensitised skin prone to eczema, swiftly restoring comfort, condition and resilience.


Golden Cream nourishes and purifies the skin, alleviates swelling and pains, regenerates the skin.

For burns and cracked skin.


According to Chinese medicine:

  • clears heat and toxins
  • decongestant and analgesic




  • Relieves swelling
  • healing of wounds
  • eczema
  • Dry & Sensitive Skin








Serving Size:


20gm nett



How to Use (Recommended Dosage, Storage)


Use on affected areas.

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Indications: This product is highly effective against inflammation of the skin and treatment of red and dry skin.
Psoriasis, atopic eczema, herpes zoster, contact dermatitis, inflammation, redness and dryness of skin.
Nourishes and cleanses the skin. Soothes heat and removes toxins, stop itching.


Recommended use: Apply to the affected area two times daily.
Clean the area of the skin to be treated and apply the ointment abundantly.


黃連 Rhizoma Coptidis

Radix Angelicae Sinensis Wintergreen Oil

Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis

麻油 Oleum Sesami

苯甲酸鈉 Sodium benzoate –

Rhizoma Curcumae Longae Bleached Beeswax

無水羊毛脂 Lanolin

Radix Rehmanniae

薄荷腦 Mentholum

凡士林 Vaseline


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