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Highlander Brown Rice Tea (40s)
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糙米茶 姜木味(16包)
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糙米茶 原味(50包)
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Brown Rice Tea (20s)
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Brown rice tea is a popular drink in Asia that has been around for centuries. It is made from brown rice, water, and sometimes other ingredients like dried fruit or ginger.

Some of the benefits of drinking brown rice tea are that it can help you relax and sleep better. It’s also said to improve your mood and relieve anxiety.

We offer a range of our brown rice tea products that can help you get all these benefits!

Our brown rice tea products are made with premium quality ingredients and are designed to help you relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality and promote rest & relaxation.

We take pride in our brown rice tea products as it is a healthy alternative to other caffeinated drinks. We also offer a variety of flavors for your enjoyment!

In a hectic world, it’s important to take care of yourself and your health. That’s why we created our brown rice tea products. Our tea is made from carefully selected ingredients that are known to promote rest & relaxation and improve sleep quality.

We know that you have a choice in the market for these kinds of products, so we want to make sure that you can always count on us. We send every customer a free sample of our product before they purchase it so they can try it out and make sure that it meets their needs.