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Information For Potential Suppliers & Wholesalers

In 1999, a humble Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic wanted to share their love of TCM food therapy with the wider community. Thus Herbal Happiness was born. Using the knowledge from many generations of practice, we combined our expertise and dedication to the natural Chinese approach to healing with our understanding of modern lifestyle to bring to life products that will spark happiness from within.

If you are a supplier or wholesaler of products that resonate with our goals, we are interested to work together to provide our customers with new and innovative products and experiences. We are constantly looking for innovative products and suppliers that align with our company's mission to renew our customers' health. We also look for quality, differentiation and convenience for our customers.

Today, we're looking for innovative products representing categories including:

  • Herbal Foods
  • Supplements & Vitamins for Energy, Sleep, Confinement, Hormonal Balance, Infant's Health or Others
  • Herbal Formula
  • Vitality
  • Digestion
  • Athletic Support and Tools
  • Anti-Oxidants

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Although we cannot guarantee that you will receive a response, we encourage you to offer as much information as possible. Sin Kang TCM reserves the right to purchase products and services from more than one supplier, and nothing herein constitutes an offer to purchase or agreement to pay for any product or service. Unless and until the parties enter into a fully signed definitive written contract covering all material terms of the businesses and transactions relating to any products and services, which may or may not take place in each party's sole and absolute discretion, no supplier or Sin Kang TCM is under any obligation of any kind with respect to the purchase or sale of any product or service. Even if signed by one or more parties, any correspondence, memoranda, or other forms of communications (whether written, oral, or electronic) exchanged during discussions will be considered preliminary and will have no legally binding effect unless and until incorporated into a definitive fully signed written contract.