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Package FAQ

Please note that our clinic's terms and conditions do not allow for a package extension under normal circumstances unless due to medical conditions. This was stipulated within the T&C presented for your agreement during every visit For appeals, we require documentation indicating your medical/emergency situation, such as a doctor's memo or proof of the hospitalization, for us to process your request. You may contact us via email for such enquiries.

We're sorry to hear that you wish to discontinue your package. If it is due to our service standards not meeting your expectations, do write in to us to tell us more. Please note that our clinic's terms and conditions do not allow for a package cancellation under normal circumstances unless due to medical conditions or relocation. This was stipulated within the T&C presented for your agreement during every visit In the event of any cancellation or discontinuation of services: 1) Individual menu prices will be imposed on all previous treatment sessions and the balance will be refunded. 2) A nominal cancellation charge of S$30 will be applicable

Sin Kang TCM is registered with TCM Practitioners' Board (TCMPB) under MOH and insurance compatible with all insurance as long as you are under coverage for TCM. It will be great if you clarify with your insurance provider on the exact terms and conditions such as any cap or restrictions on your tcm coverage. Our policy for insurance claims is that all patients have to go through consultation and an issued diagnosis/memo is recommended as we can't backdate this document, if necessary.

SIN KANG TCM 注册于 MOH (卫生部) 下的 TCMPB (中医委员会)。只要您在中医承保范围内,张玲中医就可以与所有保险兼容。我们建议您与保险提供者了解确切的条款和条件(例如对您的中医承保额度有任何限制或条件)进行确认。我们的保险理赔政策是所有患者都必须经过医师看诊,并建议您在就诊当中和医师索取诊断证明。我们将不可以回溯任何诊断证明。

In light of the pandemic situation and compliance with authorities, a proof of vaccination will be required for entry to our premises. This applies to all staff, contractors and customers.


Yes, all our physicians are certified.

All TCM physicians at Sin Kang TCM are Singapore registered TCM practitioners and acupuncturists. They are licensed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ Board (TCMPB) under the Ministry of Health and their registration details can be verified on the TCMPB website.

是的,所有医生都经过认证。 您可以在我们的诊所查看他们的资格和证书。

Yes, you can be assured that we comply with all necessary PDPA regulations for our customers' security.

All Customers’ particulars obtained are solely for the purposes of completing services. We will seek consent from Customers should their particulars be used for purposes other than billing.

For package holders in an ongoing relationship with the Company, personal data may be collected and used for future marketing activities. If you do not wish to receive further marketing and promotional materials and information from us, you may opt-out by writing in to Your request of withdrawal will take effect within 30 days from our received date.

Our Sin Kang TCM package can be used for a set of services that are provided to customers at our TCM clinics. The services in a package at Sin Kang TCM can include massages, acupuncture, moxibustion, lymphatic drainage, and other treatments.

The TCM package is offered by Sin Kang TCM as a way to offer our customers more value for their money. In addition to the individual treatments, the customer may also receive discounts or special offers on the other treatments when they purchase the package, while promotions are valid.

The cost of a package at Sin Kang TCM varies based on the number of credits offered and when it is purchased. Our credit packages are usable for all services but are not usable for retail products, or Chinese herbal medication.

Getting a package at Sin Kang TCM is a great way to indulge in all the health offerings that TCM has to offer. You can choose from different treatments like cupping, massages, and acupuncture. It’s also an opportunity for you to explore different types of treatments, like ones that offer better sleep or ones that reduce fatigue. If you’re not a fan of packages, consider purchasing a gift voucher for someone who loves to get massaged and pampered.