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We have a team of highly experienced practitioners who specialise in workplace health and various health talk topics. We can work with you to develop a corporate wellness program tailored to your organisational aims. We identify factors such as stress, low energy or hostility that may be affecting your staff’s ability to perform, and we develop a program to alleviate these problems. Start Your Organisation’s Health Renewal Journey With Us!

Our Corporate Wellness Programmes

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Corporate Health and Wellness Talk at Sin Kang TCM

Human resources are the most important resource a business has, so keeping your staff happy, healthy and motivated is key to your ongoing success.

Corporate wellness programs have been shown to boost office morale, increase productivity and enhance efficiency.

Giving your staff a break in their daily routine will not only make them feel valued and rewarded, but it will also positively impact your organisation in all ways.

We collaborate with businesses to provide corporate discounts in addition to giving health presentations. Health lectures will be held at your office and will require a minimum of four weeks' notice.

Simply email us at to seek corporate discounts or health seminars!

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