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Your Complete Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage

TCM Treatments & Theory

By Sin Kang TCM

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a form of bodywork for the purpose of removing toxins from the body and improving blood circulation and immune functions. Unlike Chinese Tui Na massage, which focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, lymphatic massage involves gently manipulating the lymphatic system, which is close to the surface of the skin. 


Lymphatic massage is performed in a unique sequence, starting in the central part of the body and then moving towards the extremities. The first step is to clear and release lymphatic fluid in the tissues, and the second targets moving lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes for reabsorption. Lymphatic massage is often recommended for those with lymphedema conditions related to the build-up of fluid in the lymph system due to injuries, medical problems or complex genetic issues. For best effects, patients should administer this form of massage from once a month to once a week to relieve swelling and promote the flow of lymph fluid through the body.


What are the Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?


The lymphatic system plays an essential role in fighting off infections by removing waste and toxins through the lymphatic fluid. Certain health conditions like lymphedema and fibromyalgia may cause a build-up of lymphatic fluid in the body, resulting in blockages. 


When such blockages happen, lymphatic drainage massages can be beneficial because it is helpful for draining fluid away from the cells and tissues of the body. As a result, the lymphatic fluid continues to flow through lymph vessels which connect to lymph nodes to destroy harmful particles to restore one’s immunity.


The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage go beyond treating lymphedema; many found it useful for unclogged pores and depuffing skin for weight loss, and improving one’s overall health.


By applying gentle pressure to specific areas of the body, lymphatic drainage massage helps to promote the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body.


 This speeds up the removal of toxins and fluids, reducing swelling and water retention, enhancing the elasticity of your skin and improving the appearance of cellulite.


 Lymphatic drainage massage also helps improve your metabolism rate, allowing you to burn more calories even at rest and promoting weight loss in the long run. 


If you find that you’re not losing weight despite a strict diet and exercise regime, lymphatic drainage may help you achieve your desired weight loss results.


How do you know if you need lymphatic drainage massage?  


Keeping the lymphatic system running at optimum is essential for maintaining excellent health and good immunity. The system comprises vessels, nodes, and organs that work together to facilitate the proper flow of lymph. Any blockage would quickly amount to lymphatic fluid and toxins being built up in the tissues to cause risky health conditions. Some tell-tale signs that a person may require lymphatic drainage massage include:


  • Allergies or bloating
  • Brain fog, chronic lethargy or depression
  • Constipation or digestive problems
  • Swollen lymph nodes or fingers
  • Weight gain
  • Increased chances of developing colds and flu
  • Sinus infections
  • Skin problems or itchy skin


For these issues, lymphatic massage may work well to soothe the conditions and relieve lymphedema.  While lymphatic massage is a safe treatment, it must be administered with care because it is not suitable for every condition, especially those with a heart condition, kidney failure, blood clots and infections. 


Before you embark on any massage therapy, make sure to consult a Ministry of Health (MOH) registered TCM practitioner like Sin Kang TCM. Experienced healthcare providers are trained to diagnose each condition accurately and prescribe the best treatment that produces the best result. 


For more information about lymphatic massage, contact us for an appointment now. 


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