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What Kind of Meals are Good for Slimming?

Weight Management

31 MAR 2020



Friends who want to be slim know that eating more vegetables and less meat can help lose weight, but without knowing how to choose and cook those vegetables which help to lose weight.


Here are some suggestions



6 kinds of high energy food which recommended as a staple food: potatoes, taro, lotus root, water chestnut, water caltrop, chinese yam.

3 kinds of high energy vegetables which recommended to eat lesser: broad beans (fava bean), edamame, peas



25 types of vegetables help to lose weight: mung bean sprouts, celery, celtuce, spring bamboo shoots, asparagus, daikon, carrot, chinese roseheart radish, napa cabbage, bok choy, pechay, mustard leaf, chinese broccoli, lettuce, crown daisy, water spinach, wax gourd(winter melon), sponge gourd, chayote, bitter gourd, cucumber, zucchini(courgette), tomato, eggplant, bell pepper. Vegetables above are low in energy, rich in dietary fiber, increase satiety, and reduce the intake of other high-energy foods at meals.


How can I make a green salad?



A small spoon of salad dressing, about 10 grams, energy up to 38 kcal, higher than 100 grams of 25 kinds of vegetables. Therefore, it is recommended to use vinaigrette as a base, and the oil should be dripped less.

When you go to a restaurant, try to avoid these dishes like Di San Xian, Dry-Fried Yardlong Beans, Oil-stew Eggplant, Gong Bao Chicken, etc. Those ingredients have been fried first and then stir-fried. If you eat vegetables which are full of oil, losing fat is impractical.


In addition to controlling your mouth, you also need to start your workout which will achieve better results.


Authored by Physician Guo Yuan