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What Is The Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Singapore?

Frozen Shoulder, TCM

Do you have nagging shoulder pain that keeps interfering with your daily activities? You may be suffering from a frozen shoulder, a painful and progressive condition of the shoulder joint. While it can be common to ignore injury or joint pain, one of the most painful musculoskeletal conditions. Frozen shoulder causes stiffening of the joints and tissue surrounding it, leading to decreased range of motion and mobility as well as frequent bouts of pain. If you’re seeking treatment for a frozen shoulder in Singapore – rest assured that there are effective solutions available. Read on to learn what frozen shoulder treatment solutions are available in Singapore so you can get back on your feet without needing surgery.

1. Acupuncture

Managing shoulder pain can often be challenging, but acupuncture is a reliable therapy for frozen shoulder treatment in Singapore. After assessing your body, TCM practitioners will work to clear any Qi blockages by inserting needles on specific acupuncture points in different areas to stimulate nerves to release its pain-relieving hormones known as serotonin and natural pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins for shoulder pain relief. These actions restore normal blood flow and stimulate the circulation of blood to facilitate the flow of blood to the affected area, in order to reduce shoulder stiffness and deliver an enhanced range of movement as well as mobility. It is TCM belief that blood is the natural healing mechanism of the body Acupuncture also alleviates inflammation by stimulating the release of small proteins that regulate inflammation and blood vessel control in the body. Moreover, combining acupuncture with another traditional Chinese medical practice, Tui Na massage, can ensure long lasting shoulder pain management results.

2. Chinese Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is an ancient form of Chinese massage therapy that works to balance the flow of energy throughout the body. This TCM treatment for frozen shoulder pain involves acupressure techniques such as stretching, rolling and pressing, along with stimulating pressure points to promote better circulation in order to improve Qi movement and remove any blockages. By engaging in this effective technique, frozen shoulder patients can experience relief from issues such as stiffness, weak range of motion, and chronic soreness. It can even be combined with acupuncture for a more comprehensive frozen shoulder treatment in Singapore. Tui Na is a natural approach to relieving shoulder pain which can help our body heal itself without resorting to medication or surgery.

3. Cupping Treatments

Cupping treatments offer an effective frozen shoulder treatment solution that is suitable for individuals residing in Singapore. The cupping technique works by using special cups to create a vacuum, providing targeted stimulation to improve circulation and restore balance in the affected area of the body. By increasing blood circulation and helping to relax the muscles and break down adhesions, this frozen shoulder treatment solution can provide tangible relief from pain caused from extensive cold exposure or sustained injury from sports or work related issues. Follow-up TCM treatments will help improve mobility while also providing sustainable shoulder pain relief.

4. Moxibustion

Moxibustion is a trusted TCM technique used to provide frozen shoulder treatment in Singapore. This technique involves burning mugwort or wormwood, called “moxa”, in order to warm and stimulate the meridians found within the body. The moxa is dried, grounded into cones or sticks and then lighted, which helps to improve circulation of Qi (energy) flow, thereby relieving pain and promoting healing from frozen shoulders generated by cold and dampness-related factors. Moxibustion is often combined with other TCM treatments like acupuncture to provide frozen shoulder relief and should be considered when searching for frozen shoulder treatment solutions in Singapore.

Experience Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief With Sin Kang TCM

Frozen shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition which makes daily activities difficult. With 5-20% of the general population known to suffer from a frozen shoulder, this can be a cause for concern. But rest assured because many people have found relief through Sin Kang TCM, a reputable MOH-registered TCM clinic in Singapore. Our frozen shoulder treatment includes Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui Na and Acupuncture to help restore flexibility and reduce pain. Sin Kang TCM’s team of experienced and certified professionals are also highly equipped to provide effective frozen shoulder relief care with comfort and quality as their top priority. Don’t let a frozen shoulder rule your life – contact us for enquiries for frozen shoulder treatment in Singapore today!