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What is Dampness in Tcm? Are You Bothered by Dampness?

Dampness (Shi), TCM Treatments & Theory


17 APR 2020



How many symptoms do you have?


  • Obesity, loose muscle, fat accumulation in the lower body.



  • Eat less, but still gain weight easily. It is easy to rebound after losing weight.
  • Feeling sticky after sweating.
  • Oily hair and face, the face looks yellowish and even gives a dirty and greasy feeling.



  • Mouth always feels sticky and contains many phlegm. (Dampness and heat mainly affect the spleen and stomach, which can easily cause dry mouth and bad breath.)
  • It’s easy to get dizzy and tired.
  • The tongue coating is covered with a thick layer of tongue coating.



  • The skin is often itchy and allergic, suffering from eczema, acne, and other dermatitis.



  • The stool is soft, sticky and unshaped. When flushing, it is often stuck on the surface of the toilet bowl. For people with dampness and heat constitution, the stool is sticky, urine is also darker in color.
  • The genitals get wet easily, women likely to have excessive secretions or leucorrhea.



If you have more than one of these symptoms, then it is likely that you are suffering from dampness.


What causes dampness ?

Dampness caused by many factors.


  • Innate factor –
    • Phlegm-dampness constitution


  • Acquired factor –
    • Prefer cold foods
    • Often stay in air-conditioning or high humid environment
    • Lack of exercise
    • Poor perspiration
    • Prefer oily, sweet or raw food
    • Unsatisfactory bowel movements
    • Staying up late


Acquired factors often cause metabolic function impairments which will increase the dampness in your body. Dampness will harm our body and cause a great burden.

About the author


Physician 中医师

100AM Mall, Paya Lebar Square

Stephanie 张医师

Physician 中医师

Zhang Li Qun 张立群

TCM Registration No. T1603379J

English: Conversational

Chinese: Fluent

Educational Background: Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, registered TCM Practitioner

教育背景: 毕业于新加坡中医学院/广州中医药大学,拥有新加坡执业医师资格

  • Area of Interest: Pain management, TCM internal medicine, TCM gynecology, skin disease, facial paralysis, slimming acupuncture.
  • Physician Stephanie has great insight in using needles on treating patients who suffer various pain such as an acute or chronic lumbar sprain, slipped (herniated) disk, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis of the knee, etc. She also gathered much experience in achieving good results by combining treatment between acupuncture and medicine for GIT disease such as bloating, stomach ache, constipation, diarrhea, neurosis and sequel of stroke, facial paralysis, eczema menopause syndrome. In 2021, she was featured in The Smart Local to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of our Lift and Glow facial acupuncture that is akin to Botox and Fillers to re-shape faces.

  • 擅长:各种痛症,内科,妇科,皮肤病,面瘫,针灸美容美体塑形
  • 擅长以独特的针灸手法治疗各种疼痛病,包括急慢性腰扭伤,椎间盘突出,颈椎病颈肩疼痛,膝关节炎症等等,具有用针少见效快的特点。对于胃肠道疾病如胃胀胃痛,便秘泄泻以及神经官能症的调理,中风后遗症,面瘫,湿疹以及更年期综合症的调理治疗,在以针灸配合中药方面也颇有心得体会,取得不错的疗效。