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The War on ACNE: 10 Ways to Improve your Skin Complexion

Acupuncture, Skin & Beauty, TCM Treatments & Theory

11 JUN 2021



The War on Acne

Let’s face it – your physical appearance typically forms your first impression. Today, skincare has grown to be of huge importance to many women, nobody wants acne, dark spots, or loose and sagging skin!


Having gained popularity in the Japanese beauty industry over the years, the beauty needle has become a top favorite of female stars and celebrities.



What is Facial Acupuncture?

Having originated from the acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine thousands of years ago, it was introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. Research has shown that the correct acupuncture method is helpful for anti-aging purposes, eliminates swelling, tightens the skin, and improves complexion – all at an almost instant effect. And the best part? The whole process of beauty acupuncture actually has little to no pain!


Results of Facial Acupuncture

By putting the needles on proper acupoints, will help to relax tense and stiff muscles as well as stimulate collagen regeneration. In addition, beauty acupuncture can also:


  • Improve dry and patchy skin
  • whiten pale spots (ejection acceleration and yellow pigment melanin)
  • Improve edema
  • Shrink pores
  • Reduce skin inflammation and acne scars
  • Lift sagging skin
  • Reduce wrinkles


In order to maintain the health of your skin, your physician may recommend you to receive beauty acupuncture once every 7-10 days. This is to maintain your skin firmness, as well as increase skin elasticity and gloss.


9 Tips for healthy skin

Besides beauty acupuncture, you can also treat your skin better by developing these good habits of your own. Here are our top 9 tips in keeping your skin in tip-top shape! 



1. Sunscreen and a proper skincare routine

We cannot emphasize the importance of sunscreen enough – your face needs a protective barrier as well! Applying a sufficient amount of sunscreen daily helps with aging in the long term and forms a protective barrier against harsh UV rays.


Additionally, make sure to check the ingredients of skin care products before purchasing them and ensure you buy products suited to your skin type. Avoid buying products with alcohol content especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s not always about following trends or popular products!


 2. Go to bed early

Sometimes, all your skin needs is a good night’s rest to rejuvenate. Make it a habit not to sleep with your mobile phone right next to you as well!


3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water is really good for your skin’s hydration – it is important to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. It also increases your metabolism.


 4. Eat more fruits  

Fruits are rich in many kinds of vitamins, and eating more is good for the skin. Incorporate fruits into your breakfast or have them as a mid-day snack!


 5. Lower your sugar intake

Acnes and obesity are all caused by high sugar intake. Cutting down on processed sugary snacks could help to improve your overall skin condition over time. If you have a sweet tooth, try replacing confectionaries with natural, healthy sugars like fruits.


6.  Avoid touching your face too often

Our hands are often riddled with bacteria and germs. Touching it too often could cause acne outbreaks. You should also avoid squeezing your pimples.


 7. Get your daily dose of exercise

Allow your skin to breathe by incorporating a bit of exercise into your daily routine. Exercise can also speed up metabolism. Try simple exercises like morning stretches or going for a morning walk.


 8.  Improve your bowel movements

a. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

b. Try out a multi-purpose hand massage by yourself – on the left lower abdomen, press down clockwise, and repeat the motion.


9. Change your pillow covers regularly

Our pillowcases trap a lot of oil and dust over time. Hence it is important to change and wash our sheets regularly – around once a week or once in two weeks.