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(Sin Kang TCM Interview with Channel 8) TCM & Womb Health: How to Protect the uterus from ‘cold womb’ & other diseases

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Below is the English adaptation from the national telecast on Womb Health aired on 9 June 2022:


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, womb health is affected by the coldness of the female uterus, which is known as Gonghan (宫寒).


Common causes of coldness in the uterus could be due to the rest of the body suffering from cold for a prolonged period of time, such as staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time.


Or there is a excess ‘cold energy’ (寒气)in the body, often caused by frequently drinking cold drinks. All these may lead to some gynecological problems in women.

womb health

Chinese and Western medicine observed that the number of people who went to seek help increased by 30% to 50% compared with before the epidemic.


Most of the problems are closely related to lifestyle and eating habits. People’s eating habits that lead to obesity can also cause hormonal imbalances.


The trend is that there are more people buying takeaway food these days, so it will indirectly affect our eating habits. This eating habit may affect the hormonal imbalance, which can lead to irregular menstruation. Foods like chicken, tend to have boosts of estrogen, and these can also lead to common womb problems such as uterine fibroids.”


Treatments for Womb Care – Understand how to Navigate them


In response to these health problems, there are many massage treatments and gynecological treatments on the market.


Most customers who come looking for such services are between 21 and 50 years old. These massage and mud moxibustion services can help women regulate menstrual pain and balance hormones. But it is also advisable for customers with fibroids or ovarian cysts should see a doctor first.


womb health lingliing therapist


Lingling, a therapist at our clinic, also said that massage services like this are generally safe for the general public. However, one should be alert that if they unknowingly have conditions such as uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts if there is pressure placed at the wrong places, problems may result such as heavy bleeding.



DIY Massages for a Healthy Womb


The therapist also introduced two acupressure points to relieve menstrual pain in women:


san yin jiao womb health



1. Sanyinjiao (三阴交)


Sanyinjiao is located three inches above the ankle (equal to about four fingers width), and can be lightly rubbed with the thumb for two or three minutes. It is enough to have a slightly sore feeling, twice a day in the morning and evening.


xue hai womb health



2. Sea of Blood (血海)


The sea of blood acupressure point is located on our leg’s inner side next to our knees. Similarly, use your thumb to massage.

There will also be a slight heating sensation for two to three minutes. It is a good acupoint for nourishing and rejuvenating the blood. Symptoms such as headaches, poor sleep, can all be improved from massaging this acupoint.



Diets for a Healthy Womb 


Traditional Chinese medicine also recommends two kinds of diets:


First, Gui Zhi Decoction (桂枝汤).

Guizhi decoction can strengthen the body and help promote the unobstructed flow of qi and blood.


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guizhi osmanthus



Second, women can drink Si Wu Tang (四物汤) during menstruation, or when there are sensations of soreness around the breast. One tip is to add some malt (麦芽), or wheatgrass (草麦) which is better.


Siwu Tang womb health

Above: Si Wu Tang (四物汤) : Four Ingredient Soup consisting of Angelica (Dang Gui), Chuanxiong (Szechuan Lovage Rhizome), Paeonia lactiflora (White Peony Root) and Shudi (Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber) (当归、川芎、白芍和熟地)