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How TCM Can Improve Women’s Health

TCM Treatments & Theory

By YAK 易有道医师

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest medicinal systems dating as far back as 2,000 years ago. The age-old TCM treatment from leading acupuncture clinics in Singapore combines the use of natural herbs, Chinese acupuncture, Tuina therapy and moxibustion to achieve balance between internal body organs to promote healing from within.  It is not only effective for holistically treating the body by addressing the root cause of the problems but also know to improve women’s health problems relating to fertility, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, breast, uterus and emotional imbalances. 


1. Boosts Fertility


According to a 2017 study published by the Journal of Integrative Medicine, TCM treatment is found to be more effective than Western medicine for treating Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women.  PCOS is known to produce an abnormal amount of androgens which can easily lead to serious health problems including infertility.


TCM’s efficacy for treating infertility and boosting women’s health lies in its holistic concept of treating the entire body rather than isolated parts.  It advocates the use of natural Chinese herbs and improving the flow of ‘Qi’ in the meridians with non-invasive treatments and modification of lifestyle to expel toxins that may have built-up in the organs to prevent them from working optimally.


In the case of infertility, TCM has proven to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, regulate natural hormonal production and improve ovarian function. Women who benefited from these woman’s health services and fertility treatments even went on to conceive naturally without using invasive treatments or drugs. 


2. Reduce Painful Menstrual Cramps


Nearly 80% of women experience menstrual pain at some stage in their lifetime. While many may resort to taking painkillers as an easy remedy, Moxibustion, which can be found in TCM clinics in Singapore can more effectively tackle underlying problems that are causing menstrual problems.  


The Moxibustion technique involves burning mugwort leaves near acupoints to stimulate blood and energy flow to release hormones that are causing contractions in the uterus.  This method is usually administered one week before menstruation and patients will see improvement of their menstrual symptoms after three to four menstrual cycles.


It is also common to find women with menstrual issues visiting Chinese acupuncture centers or clinics for remedies. Menstrual cramps are viewed as a form of Qi and blood deficiency, hence, applying acupuncture not only stimulates energy flow but also prevents Qi stagnation for a healthier menstrual cycle.  It is very effective for decreasing the intensity of menstrual cramps and over time, reduces the pain experienced each cycle.


3. Facilitates Post-natal Recovery


Women often experience fatigue and discomfort after childbirth due to hormonal, physiological and metabolic changes. Without timely treatment to restore their blood and Qi flow during the postpartum period, these initial discomforts can quickly spiral into a myriad of health problems such as perineal pain, loss of appetite, indigestion and even poor breast milk production.


In TCM, Tuina treatments are often introduced to new mothers during the postpartum period to stimulate acupressure points along Meridian channels to restore hormones to pre-pregnancy levels, reduce lochia and contract the uterus contracts for gradual slimming. Stimulating the acupressure points also lower the chances of breast engorgement or other lactation-related issues that may block healthy milk flow.


Some other benefits of Tuina therapy during the post-natal phase includes:

  • Restore overall vitality
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Reduce water retention
  • Strengthen ovary health
  • Improve the function of reproductive system 


Be In The Pink Of Health With Sin Kang TCM


TCM is a natural and reliable way of looking after women’s health throughout puberty, childbirth and menopause. Patients can always have a peace of mind and be assured of positive results when they seek TCM remedies as it does not rely on invasive drugs or surgeries.


For more information about TCM treatments for women’s health, contact Sin Kang TCM for an appointment or enquiries.  Sin Kang TCM Clinic is a Ministry of Health (MOH) registered TCM with over 20 years of experience. 

About the author

YAK 易有道医师

Physician 中医师

100AM Mall, The Star Vista

  • Specialities: Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Women's health, Gynaecology
  • Physician Yak is bilingual and is fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board Physician Yak is also skilled in internal medicine and he has achieved impressive treatment results with acupuncture. He has many years of working in treating patients with menstrual issues and also particularly trained in prenatal and postpartum care, being able to provide relief to body pain.

  • 专治:各种痛症, 内科, 妇科
  • 易医师是双语精通的医师和拥有新加坡执业医师的资格。同时,易医师也擅长在内科疾病的治疗上以及以独特的针灸手法取得显著的效果,帮助了许多患者解决了他们的疼痛。他拥有多年治疗有关月经问题,也接受过产前和产后护理方面的专门培训,能够缓解身体疼痛。