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How Posture Affects Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back? What Exercise Can We Do?

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Pain Management

05 AUG 2020


Can bad posture cause aches and pains?

Neck and shoulder pain are some of the most common discomforts that customers come to our clinic seeking treatment. Manipulation of muscle, tendon, and ligament can quickly relieve the pain by using tuina, cupping, acupuncture, and herbs. After the treatment, maintaining a good posture is important to prevent the recurrence of these pains.


Can bad posture result in neck pain?

Neck pain is usually a result of poor posture such as slouching, rounded forward shoulders, forward head posture / poked chin posture. Involved muscles are the upper trapezius and pectoralis major and minor. Our therapists are familiar with these muscle groups and able to improve the discomfort.


After the treatment, the customer needs to be careful of daily posture. The weight of our head exerts about 4.5kg to 5.5kg (10-12lb) on the neck. Tilting 15 degrees (using a handphone), the weight becomes 12kg plus, as shown in the table below. Therefore, the habit of keeping a good posture is very important.


Can bad posture cause back pain?

Almost all of our customers mention lower back pain. The lower part of the back is known as the lumbar region, which is made up of five vertebrae, known as L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5. The lumbar support the entire weight of the upper body (plus any extra weight that you are carrying), and it is under constant pressure, particularly when bending, twisting, and lifting (Smeltzer, S & Bare, B, 2000).


What is the best treatment for lower back pain?

Our treatment focuses on muscle groups, releases tension at soft tissues, and pushes the “Qi” to flow smoothly in various meridians. Acupressure, tuina, and acupuncture are commonly used to improve the discomfort.


Exercise can help to strengthen some of the lower back muscle groups, like gluteal muscles.


There are other muscle strengthening techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy for upper and lower back which I am happy to share with you in the future. For now, please start exercising and pay more attention to your posture.



Authored by Physician Chao