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Health Prediction Technique – The Miraculous TCM Pulse and Palm Diagnosis



Not to be confused with palm reading (aka palmistry), tarot cards, and gypsy witchcraft, the ancient art of TCM hand diagnosis doesn’t tell your future; it tells your health status, deficiencies in your vital energy, and organs (if any), and even possibly symptoms of certain cardiovascular or chronic illnesses, such as cancer.


TCM Hand Diagnosis – not to be confused with palm reading

More than 2,000 years ago, ancient Chinese medicine practitioners used pulse diagnosis to examine human health conditions. Today, after the development of Western Medicine, this ancient medical technique is gradually losing popularity among the millennials and younger generation.


The Yellow Emperor’s Nan Jing: Classic of Questioning  (《黄帝八十一难经》) states, “Those who can diagnose accurately through solely observing is seen as God; through solely smelling and listening is seen as saints; through solely inquiring is seen as a master; through pulse taking would be known as an expert. (translated from: “经言望而知之谓之神,闻而知之谓之圣,问而知之谓之工,切脉而知之谓之巧”)



Modern TCM’s Current Situation


Unfortunately, influenced by modern Western medicine, some TCM physicians are less capable of fully administering a pulse diagnosis, and use Western medicine consultation methods instead to prescribe the medicine.


As such, the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is greatly reduced.


As for diagnosis through purely visual observation, many years of experience are required to just achieve 80-90% of accuracy due to its high difficulty level.



Purpose and Benefit of Pulse Diagnosis



Through TCM pulse diagnosis, experienced TCM physicians can quickly determine the health & status of the internal organs of the human body (五脏六腑).


Even if the patient does not have any discomfort at the moment, when the pulse condition is abnormal, it means that the patient might have a chance of developing certain illnesses in the future.


If treated on time or even earlier, it can prevent the symptoms from worsening or developing into chronic illnesses.



What is Hand Diagnosis?



“Stretch out your hand and we will know what is wrong.”

TCM hand diagnosis can determine the physiological and pathological states of the internal organs of the human body with the help of the texture, wrinkles patterns, and color of the hands. 


It can also diagnose more than 100 common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and some cancers at the early stage.


If you can combine Chinese with Western medicine treatment, and adjust habits and diets accordingly, it is possible to prevent dire consequences from the escalation of most illnesses.



Purpose of TCM’s Existence


Some people may say: “The diagnostic technology of western medicine has reached the molecular level, why do we still need such primitive, superstitious, and backward diagnostic methods like TCM pulse and hand diagnosis?”


Maybe you have heard of Kirlian photography, more commonly known as “electrophotography”, or “aura photography”. There is an invisible energy field around everything, for example, a leaf in its budding state, the aura photo can show the outline after it has grown.


The same applies to the human body, the images show a life force or energy field which can reflect the physical and emotional states of living things. 


Before illnesses occur and fully develop, they tend to be reflected in the pulse and the hand. This is the tangible manifestation of the invisible energy field of the disease.


At moments when the disease has yet to develop symptoms in the human body, even the most advanced medical devices have no way to detect changes in the invisible energy field.


This is when pulse and hand diagnosis stands to play a key role in early detection.


Try DIY Hand Diagnosis Yourself



  • Look at your palm right now, do you see any dark veins anywhere?

The darker it is, the more severe the stagnation, the more negative cold energy you hold in that area and it is a telling sign of the type of deficiency causing the cold. So if you have any dark blue black purple things that are that indicate that you have a cold & deficiency.


  • Next look for veins and discoloration.

For example, if a certain /; area of the palm is redder than the rest of the palm in general. Or if an area is yellower, paler, or whiter than the rest of the palm, these are causes for concern.

The most worrying indication to take note of is if there are dark, purplish, or dull areas.

In general, white areas indicate inflammation in the body. Blue, purplish areas indicate obstruction & stagnation. A yellow palm usually indicates chronic disease, while greenish colors indicate digestive problems. Red areas indicate Vitamin C deficiency.


  • Lastly, also compare the areas of discoloration you noticed to this chart below…

And ask yourself if you’ve been noticing any symptoms about that particular organ lately. If so, a health check-up sometime soon might be a good idea.


The Importance of Consulting Your Practitioner

The above is just an introductory step to hand diagnosis, if you suspect you might have discolorations worth looking into, we encourage you to engage our professional physicians for a proper TCM pulse and hand diagnosis today at Sin Kang TCM:


(references: Master Tung Palm Diagnosis Summary by Tina Chen )

About the author


Physician 中医师

Paya Lebar Square, 100AM

Luke 刘医师

Physician 中医师

Liu Liang 刘亮

TCM Registration No. T2203789C

17 years of experience (as of year 2006)

拥有17年的经验 (截至2006年)

English: Fluent

Chinese: Fluent

Educational Background: Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, registered TCM Practitioner

教育背景: 毕业于新加坡中医学院,拥有新加坡执业医师资格

  • Area of Interest: Pain management, Internal medicine, Women’s Health, Sterility and Female Infertility, Post-stroke Treatment, Slimming Acupuncture and others.
  • Physician Liu has 17 years of experience in hand-diagnosis. Physician Liu is capable of identifying heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and certain cancers in their earlier stages by analysing the palm. By combining hand, face, tongue and pulse diagnosis, he can point out your present and future diseases and customize your personal scheme of cure.
  • 擅长:各种急慢性运动损伤,颈肩腰背四肢、坐骨神经等痛症,内科,妇科,不孕不育,中风后遗症, 针灸减肥等。
  • 擅长:刘医师拥有17年的手诊经验,能提前诊断出心、脑血管疾病及部分癌症患者,并给予适当的中医治疗,避免心脏病、脑中风、癌症三大健康杀手对您和您的家人造成的危害。通过手诊、面诊、舌诊、脉诊等多种方式,确定您现在及未来可能会出现的疾病,制定出极具针对性的个性化治疗方案,为您的健康长寿保驾护航,成为您不可或缺的私人保健医生。