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25 MAR 2020



Significance of the Liver in TCM

In modern life, many people always feel surrounded by a lingering feeling of fatigue, especially work in a long-term mental stress environment, staying up late, so they will feel a weak, dry mouth, poor appetite in minor condition; Body aches, insomnia, even bad temper in serious condition.


In tcm, most of these symptoms are related to a person’s liver:


1) Liver in charge of “JIN”, here “JIN” generally refers to the tendons, ligaments in the whole body. Liver closely related to human activities, if the liver functions normally, blood storage in the liver is full, tendons and ligaments will be strong, the body will be relaxed and flexible and better tolerance, even tired and easy to restore energy. Blood and “YIN” storage in the liver is insufficient, “JIN” will lose nutrition, resulting in fatigue, a decline in physical function and other discomfort.



2) The liver manages the excretion function of the body, through the adjustment of “QI” of the whole body, the organs will function well in all divisions, maintain normal function, so the liver protection to maintain a healthy body and abundant energy is very important. First of all, eat a balanced diet, less greasy and spicy food, especially quit smoking and limit alcohol, drinking too much, can cause irreversible damage to the liver. Second, learn to control anger, because anger easily hurts the “QI” of the liver, keep calm, optimistic and cheerful, do exercise as well. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, power walking and cycling, help to burn calories in the body, control weight and reduce the burden of the liver.


3) TCM believes that massaging related acupoints can maintain our health, following below are 5 acupoints used to nourish and protect the liver.


a) 太溪穴 Tài xī point (KI3)



The KI3 is located in the depression between the posterior aspect of the medial malleolus and the heel tendon, bilaterally symmetrical. This point is the “yuan xue” of the kidney, is a warehouse of kidney to store his vitality. In the five elements, the liver belongs to wood, kidney belongs to water, trees need water for healthy growth, in tcm, we call this “zi shui han mu”.


b) 大敦穴 Dàdūn point (LR1)



The LR1 is located at the medial side of hallux, patient should maintain in a sitting or supine position, LR1 located at 2cm besides the edge of the hallux, massage it can achieve the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, in order to make the mind clear and refreshed.


c) 太冲穴 Tàichōng (LR3)



The LR3 is located in the dorsal side of the foot, where the first and second metatarsus are joined by the depression. The LR3 Is the “yuan xue” of the liver, massage “Tàichōng”, can regulate the vitality of the liver and functioning liver well.


d) 肝俞穴 Gānshù (BL18)


The BL18 is located at the back, under the spinous process of the ninth thoracic vertebrae, 1.5 inches apart from the middle line. The BL18 is the pool that converges the vitality of the liver. BL18 is an essential point for tonifying the liver.


e) 行间穴 Xíng jiān (LR2)



The LR2 is located at the seams of the big toe and the second toe. In five elements, this point belongs to fire, liver belongs to wood, wood feeds fire. If the heat of liver vigorous, massage LR2 can extract the heat from here.

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