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By YAK 易有道医师

11 SEP 2021



If you are looking for a facial treatment that will have a jaw-dropping result — without an equally shocking price tag, that’s where a buzzy treatment Gua Sha comes in.


What is Facial Gua Sha?

Facial Gua Sha therapy (面部刮痧疗法) is the massage technique of scraping the facial meridians and acupoints with a flat jade or rose quartz stone, which designed to relieve tension in the facial muscles, hence invigorates blood circulation, alleviates eye fatigue and skin disorders and also encourages lymphatic drainage to eliminate bloatedness. The technique helps to break up the connective tissue in facial muscles that may prevent optimal circulation.



Statistics have shown that the number of Singaporeans who adopted Facial Guasha, or facial scraping therapy has increased by 35% as compared to 2 years ago – that’s quite a leap!


Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, this Asian beauty practice has been around for centuries but has only recently come under the spotlight for its dramatic, effective, and non-invasive results that can be seen in one treatment. Those who have experienced or undergone such treatment can vouch for its instant skin-lifting effects, with their skin feeling much tighter and smoother for the next few days. Skin disorders can also be improved and diminished with repeated sessions. Best of all? Many have said that the therapy was far from painful and did not leave any markings. It’s no wonder that this beauty technique has been all the rave lately!



Benefits of Facial Gua Sha

Facial Guasha is also a great detoxifier – the scraping helps to clear blockages in our meridian channels, promoting a greater flow of blood and Qi in the body. The continuous movement of proper scraping stimulates blood flow, engages the lymphatic system, and breaks up stagnation. Having clear channels is crucial for our organs to work properly and keep the body healthy.


There are many more amazing scientifically-proven benefits of facial guasha therapy and it is specifically beneficial to the people who have a high intensity of workload and stress, whereby the duration and quality of sleep are hard to be guaranteed. Some even claim that facial Guasha may help with migraines or neck pains.



With the rise of popularity in Guasha, many have sought to purchase their own facial Guasha tools to try out this massage technique by themselves. While we recommend going to a professional to perform such treatments for you in a proper, safe and effective manner, there are still a few simple steps you can do from the comfort of your home.


How to do Facial Gua Sha?

Here are some simple steps you could do for yourself to enhance
the condition of your facial skin:



1.  Apply “Z” stroke on the forehead.

2. Apply “C” stroke on the cheeks.

3. Palm lifting motion from chin to the ears.

About the author

YAK 易有道医师

Physician 中医师

100AM Mall, The Star Vista

  • Specialities: Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Women's health, Gynaecology
  • Physician Yak is bilingual and is fully registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician with the TCM Practitioners Board Physician Yak is also skilled in internal medicine and he has achieved impressive treatment results with acupuncture. He has many years of working in treating patients with menstrual issues and also particularly trained in prenatal and postpartum care, being able to provide relief to body pain.

  • 专治:各种痛症, 内科, 妇科
  • 易医师是双语精通的医师和拥有新加坡执业医师的资格。同时,易医师也擅长在内科疾病的治疗上以及以独特的针灸手法取得显著的效果,帮助了许多患者解决了他们的疼痛。他拥有多年治疗有关月经问题,也接受过产前和产后护理方面的专门培训,能够缓解身体疼痛。