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BERITAmediacorp: TCM clinics witness a rise in Malay patients seeking TCM treatment

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By Sin Kang TCM

More Malay patients are now seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment.

A recent news publication found that some of the TCM clinics in Singapore have found that the number of their Malay patients is increasing – up to three times a year.
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Mdm Kamariah, 58, has been receiving treatment in Singapore since 2017.

She, who has been suffering from pain in his spine since a young age, felt compelled to try TCM treatment after hearing about it from other family members.

“The doctor wanted to recommend the end and told me to do the surgery, but he said ’50 -50 ‘I do not want to. So I tried other alternatives. I saw family members and friends try, but they use always acupuncture. I tried the effective one was’ Electro ‘-Lymphatic Therapy’, “said me. Kamariah added.

Each consultation and treatment session at a TCM clinic in Singapore may cost between S $ 80 to $ 100.

For Mdm Kamariah, a full-time housewife, visits her once every three months or if necessary for treatment.

“(My illness) can not be completely cured. At least I do not feel the pain is good. So I can also move and do my daily work more comfortably,” said me. Kamariah, who loves to cook, said.

berita mediacorp malay tcm


In addition to traditional treatments such as acupuncture and cupping, TCM clinics in Singapore also offer therapies that use modern, painless technology.

Apart from skilled staff who speak multiple languages, the comfortable clinical environment and the advanced technology used are the reasons why Madam Kamariah is still motivated to continue her TCM treatment.

“We always thought TCM was run by elderly, elderly doctors who could not speak English fluently. Most of the medicine was halal, so I had no doubts or worries,” Madam Kamariah added, who also consumes Chinese medication as an alternative treatment.


berita mediacorp malay tcm

Many Malay patients visit TCM clinics in Singapore to manage diseases such as metabolic problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema and fertility problems.”

Although TCM has been based in Singapore for decades, there are still some misconceptions about the treatment among the local community.

“Many people think TCM is for older Chinese people, but in reality it is also suitable for everyone from young to old. Because it heals from the root cause naturally and in a non-invasive manner.”


berita mediacorp malay tcm




Treatments such as massage and acupuncture, for example, are very popular among the group for problems such as joint pain or sports injuries.


This is because the medicines provided are mostly not halal, such treatments are more ‘friendly’ for their Muslim patients because it is not necessary to take medicines as compared to other treatments.


As for Sin Kang TCM Clinic, which has been operating for more than 20 years, has also seen an increase in the number of Malay patients.


“In every 10 people there is one who is Malay. Recently there has been a trend where they come for beauty like acupuncture on the face, or for slimming. They also come here and they want to get rid of the wind in their body. One natural way is with acupuncture, ”said Dr. Freddie Sun.


berita mediacorp malay tcm



The acupuncture treatment that has been applied for the past 3,000 years can apparently treat various diseases by inserting a needle up to more than 360 points on the patient’s body.


Even more interestingly, Sin Kang TCM clinic practices a painless type of acupuncture for weight loss, facials, joint pain and hair growth.


berita mediacorp malay tcm

Mr. Sun, who has more than 26 years of experience in the field of TCM treatment, treated many stroke patients by using acupuncture as an alternative treatment method.


In fact, he shared that there are some ‘western’ doctors themselves who are seeking TCM treatment.


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“They (doctors) come here for stress problems and they want acupuncture because they have been involved in acupuncture experiments and have seen very significant results,” Mr Sun added.


Sin Kang TCM, which so far has three branches with acupuncture clinics in Tanjong Pagar, Buona Vista and Paya Lebar, treats patients as young as two months to those who are almost 100 years old.


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This article was originally written in Malay and has been translated by Sin Kang TCM. Some words were altered for clarity and may not reflect the original article entirely.

Source: BERITAmediacorp / sy

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