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Vivian Lai had a health scare when she realised the entire left side of her body was numb and weak. Instagram/Vivian Lai

Originally posted and adapted from Asiaone.


When Health Becomes a Wake-Up Call: Vivian Lai’s Story

Some people take their health for granted until warning indications or minor illnesses shake them out of it.

Vivian Lai disclosed that five years ago, when the left side of her body went numb and weak, she had a serious health scare in an interview with Shin Min Daily News.

My left side of the body felt paralyzed, and my left hand was completely numb; I was unable to sense even a needle prick, Vivian said.



From Discomfort to Diagnosis


“Although it wasn’t frequent, this feeling always occurred several times a week and lasted for a few hours. After a week, the discomfort became more worrisome, and my husband, girls, and I were all very scared.”

The 44-year-old actress had the thought that she might have had a mini-stroke, but she didn’t dare admit it, assuring herself that she was “still young”.

Vivian discovered that she has spinal disc displacement after seeing a specialist. The recommendation made to her, however, was not the optimal one; it involved an operation with a 50% success rate.


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    Balancing Health and Wellness

    Vivian decided against taking a chance and instead focused on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which she claimed in an article published by 8World today (Aug. 2) has greatly improved her condition.


    Vivian said she now regularly receives acupuncture and bojin massage treatments in addition to painkillers. In order to encourage blood circulation, she also serves nourishing flower tea from her own business, Teabrary.

    Vivian isn’t just concerned about her own health, though; she’s also begun feeding her family better food.

    The mother of two stated: “I advise my girls to eat more nutritious foods, like black bean soup, and to drink less iced water. I also make an effort to prepare with more wood ear.”


    Vivian and her girls Vera, 16, and Ariel, 12, use TCM for skincare in addition to treating her herniated spinal disc.

    With regard to the TCM technique known as gua sha (scraping), Vivian asserted: “If you use gua sha over a lengthy period of time and use the proper technique on your face, you’ll never need to go for aesthetic [treatments].

    The appropriate goods and methods will improve your complexion and make your skin glow.