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10 Office – Friendly Exercises to Strengthen your Immunity During this Pandemic

1. Baduanjin Qigong (Eight Section Silk Brocade)

a. 1st section: Hold up the Heavens with Two Hands

b. 3rd section: Splitting Heaven and Earth

2. Move your shoulders up and down and shake out your body.

3. Leg pressing – you may wish to rest your leg on a chair

4. Bend backward 30 degrees then forward

5. Turn your body left and right with arms moving parallel to the ground

6. Stretch your body right and left as shown.

7. Stand on tiptoe, hold for 3 counts and then lower your feet back onto the ground. Repeat 50 times.

8. Lunge one leg forward. The back foot should be facing inwards.

9. Take 10 deep breaths.