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    By Sin Kang TCM
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) often goes undiagnosed because women are not aware of it. More often than not, women only discover they have PCOS when they visit the gynaecologist because they have irregular periods or haven't been successful in trying ...
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    By Sin Kang TCM
    Although every woman takes special care of themselves during pregnancy, few truly understand the importance of post-natal care. Any mother that has gone through pregnancy will know that a woman’s body goes through tremendous changes after childbirth. Immediate care must ...
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    professional newborn healthcare assessment
    By Sin Kang TCM
    There are differences between the TCM systems of care for newborns and the Western system:   TCM Infant: and Newborn Care In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the time period required for postpartum recovery is called “Chan Ru" (产褥).  "Chan" means ...
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    MOH-Registered TCM in Singapore

    Sin Kang TCM Clinic offers holistic and comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments for all in Singapore. For 20 years, our MOH-registered Chinese medical centres have been committed to improving lives through affordable healthcare with a proven track record of success via our unique blend of TCM techniques and modern medical advances.

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    TCM Treatment

    In essence, TCM treatment seeks to restore a dynamic balance within each of our bodies between the two complementary forces of Yin (passive) and Yang (active). TCM has evolved over thousands of years, and modern TCM treatment often involves the use of various physiological treatment techniques combined with Chinese herbal medicine. Some of the more well known techniques used in TCM treatment in Chinese medical centres in Singapore include: acupuncture, Tui Na therapy, Gua Sha facial, weight loss cupping, weight loss acupuncture, osteopathic bone adjustment, and herbal medication.

    We also provide a variety of pain management treatments such as back pain management, neck pain management, as well as frozen shoulder pain relief.

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    Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Contrary to popular belief, Chinese herbal medicine does not seek to treat symptoms or specific diseases. Instead, it is focused on treating entire symptom patterns and the human body as a whole. In TCM treatments, pattern differentiation is often practised to determine head-to-toe collection of signs and symptoms. Specific TCM treatment methods will then be applied accordingly and often complemented with Chinese herbal medicine.

    Chinese herbal medicine can come in the form of granules, teas, liquid extracts, powders, traditional formulas, and custom formulas. Chinese medical centres in Singapore will often prescribe a unique blend of Chinese herbal medicine based on your personal symptom patterns and bodily health — each individual is unique, and TCM takes this into account through case-by-case prescriptions with regards to Chinese herbal medicine.

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    Whether it’s pain relief, weight management, skin disorders, hair growth problems — anything to do with health at all — Sin Kang TCM is the clinic for you. As the leading MOH-registered TCM clinic in Singapore, our Chinese medical centres are equipped with only the best of the best when it comes to TCM practitioners, equipment, and products.

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