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    The lymphatic system is a mesh-like fluid system, circulation of lymph in the lymphatic system from the capillary wall space to penetrate tissue. The spleen is the largest lymphoid organ, spleen can filter the blood, remove aging red blood cells. The lymphatic system has many tubing and lymph nodes throughout the body, gather the total excess liquid collection tubes and together with spinal balance each other, leading to the heart then to the vein. None of the lymphatic system act like the heart that pump pressure-feeding lymph, it depends on the contraction of muscles by applying pressure and respiration lymph, so that the lymph flow to the blood. Therefore, we increase the flow of lymph back through oppression and massage. Lymphatic drainage techniques uses human lymph and nodes along the lymphatic (such as armpit, jaw, clavicle, ear front, ear back ……) dredge into detox. Lymphatic system flow can help to clear the meridians, accelerate blood circulation, speed up metabolism, help waste excretion, enhance immunity and help to maintain a healthy body. At the same time through the lymphatic drainage, it also effectively increases skin elasticity and gloss, which make the facial skin more rosy. If the lymphatic system block, it will easily lead to slower metabolism, blood does not flow, no normal channels of toxins excreted and slowly the body will be many problems.


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