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  • Foot Reflexology

    Human foot with human body organs linked through the meridians, one part of an organ of the human body condition is closely linked to both feet. Stimulate feet acupuncture points can affect the whole body, each reflex zones of the feet with a corresponding human organs, when one organ have lesions, at the foot of the corresponding reflex zones there will be tenderness sensitive parts, which conclude that human foot are closely linked to human body organs. It’s like a human body early warning system, telling us which part of the body maybe have a disease. On the other hand, our feet is a treatment machine terminal. When we massage the foot reflex zone, strong stimulation massage arising and through the reflex action, adjusting this reflex zones corresponding to the function of organs, we can adjust the Yin and Yang balance on the human body, regain health, reduce disease, to build a healthy and healing effect.


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